Craft Corps Giveaway Winners: Days 8-18!

Here are the winners of the first, 7 days of the Craft Corps Giveaway-a-Day! If you’re listed, then please E-MAIL YOUR MAILING ADDRESS to: contests@vickiehowell.com

by this Saturday, May 1st. Unclaimed prizes will be given to new winners.
Day 8: Elouise Trichard (Etsy Gift Pack)

Day 9: Susan Lambert (CRAFT Mag Box)

Day 10: Makenzie Clemons (Cathie Filian Glitter)

Day 11: Kathy Kitt (Travis Nichols Books)

Day 12: Robert Rosendale (Ed Roth Book & Stationary)

Day 13: Sally Harding (Amanda Soule Books)

Day 14: Genelle Ross (Jennifer Perkins Book & Necklace)

Day 15: Mandi Barham (Amy Butler Gift Pack)

Day 16: Janel Gradowski (Crafty Chica Goodies)

Day 17: Erin Evans (Garth Johnson Book)

Day 18: Rebecca Rice (Dianna Rupp Book)

Congratulations, everyone!

Stay tuned for another week of Giveaways!


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