Craft Corps Giveaway Day 9: CRAFT Box Set from Natalie Zee Drieu


Susan Lambert

Please e-mail your snail mail address to: contests@vickiehowell.com within the next week to receive your prize. Congratulations!

Name: Natalie Zee-Drieu

Gig(s): Editor-in-Chief of CRAFTzine.com/Founder of Fashion Blog, Coquette

Excerpt from Craft Corps (Chapter 14):

VH: The CRAFT website is always really supportive of the craft community, posting multiple links per day to designers’ work. In the future, what role do you see the site having in perpetuating that community further?

NZD: I would hope to see more of a diologue with our readers. I’d like our community to reach that next level where we post cool projects but also hear what readers want, and giveit to them. Tools like blogs, Facebook, and Twitter make that attainable.
VH: How do you think new media has affected crafting for everyday crafters?
NZD: I wish it had been available back then when I was learning all this stuff. Right now, it’s wonderful to go online, research how to do one little stitch, and get a video that teaches you something as you work on a project. Or, if you have a question, Ravelry is a great place to post it to a forum. Community is out there; when you’re home by yourself and don’t really know how to do something, you can quickly learn to do it on the Web.

Today’s Giveaway: Box set of First Year CRAFT Magazines


How to Win:
POST A COMMENT HERE WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS (BY 8AM ON TOMORROW). Poster’s will be chosen via drawing at random.

Please be sure to include your real name (not just your screen name) on your post. Winners will be posted on this blog every few days with instructions on getting me your mailing address. Prizes unclaimed will be put up for grabs at the end of the Craft Corps Give-Away-A-Day in May.

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159 Responses to “Craft Corps Giveaway Day 9: CRAFT Box Set from Natalie Zee Drieu”

  1. Jenni

    I only got into crafts recently. Thought it was all granny stuff but Etsy showed me that there’s some really cool stuff. Yippee

  2. Grace Hernandez

    The online crafting community really is great. With different websites and message boards I have been able to learn how to knit almost anything from cables to lace. I’m on my way to check out craftzine.com now!
    Grace Hernandez

  3. Bonney

    This magazine is one of the most missed things ever! It was exciting to see what crazy stuff (that I never knew I wanted to try) would be in each issue. The website it still terrific and Natalie is always very responsive when you email her.

  4. Sandy

    Oh – I would LOVE to have these! I promise I would put them to great use!!! Please, please pick me!

    Sandy Lewis

  5. Tracey Carlson

    I only discovered Craft recently and would love to win this one!

  6. Beth

    Oh, wow! The whole first year of “Craft?” So cool!

    Thanks, Vickie and Natalie!

    Beth Brooke