Craft Corps Giveaway Day 6 : Jenny Hart Embroidery Patterns!


Melissa Fritz!!

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Name: Jenny Hart

Gig(s): Founder, Sublime Stitching

Excerpt Craft Corps (Chapter 3):

VH: You’ve had a large presence on the Internet and specifically on message boards over the years. Have you noticed any change in the perception of what being crafty means during that time?

JH: Rob Walker, who wrote the book Buying In, has spent a lot of time talking to me and others in the DIY community. One of the things he pinpointed was that this doesn’t seem to be as much a craft movement as it is a work movement. Something I notice when people talk heavily about crafting is that they discuss as a way to become independently employed. There are more people doing it; there are more people noticing it.

Today’s Giveaway: 4 Pack of Sublime Stitching Embroidery Patterns!

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99 Responses to “Craft Corps Giveaway Day 6 : Jenny Hart Embroidery Patterns!”

  1. vmichelle

    Hi Vickie, I can’t wait to read this interview with Jenny Hart in your new book! I’m just taking baby steps with stitching and I love Jenny’s designs.

  2. Bonney

    This gal jump started a lot of interest in embroidery for a whole new generation. I think she should receive an award!

  3. Leigh-Anne Dennison

    Absolutely adore Jenny Hart, her work and her books.

    I have to agree with her about the shift in recent years–more people are looking for and talking about ways to monetize their art/craft. Thanks in no small part to the resources available today for selling online (from dedicated marketplaces to plug-and-play site set-up solutions), more artists and crafters are trying to support themselves either full-time–often with an eye towards work/life balance–or part time, using sales to help subsize their artistic expressions or to make ends meet in tough economic times.

    The other (wonderful) side of that coin is the recognition we’re seeing of the value of handmade goods by the shopping public. They see and reward the time and creativity that can go into making–acknowledging that it is worth a bit more upfront to buy handmade in lieu of cheap, mass-produced products.

  4. Shannon

    I’m such a huge Sublime Stitching and Jenny fan! Awesome giveaway, I would be thrilled to win. 🙂

  5. Kim Mayhew

    Learned to embroider when I was a kid from my grandma…love to do it! This is wonderful!!!

  6. suuuz

    Yay! These giveaways are awesome! I am a big fan of Jenny and her amazing work. pick me! pick me!

    Susan Rodnite

  7. Catherine

    Love, love, love Sublime Stitching! Would love to add to my collection with this set.

    Catherine Hodge

  8. miktha

    I love embroidery, I would love to try one of those patterns..
    miktha sirlaela (mikthasq(at)gmail(dot)com)