Craft Corps Giveaway Day 22: Signed Copy of Susan Beal’s Book!


Vicki Flinchum!

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Name: Susan Beal

Gig(s): Designer/Writer

Excerpt from Craft Corps (Chapter 16):

VH: How do you handle juggling craft with parenthood?

SB: It’s going pretty well. There are definitely some limits on my time that weren’t there before. I’m sure you can relate–there are some days that you don’t go outside, or you barely stop to eat because you’re busy writing or making something. It kind of consumes your whole life. With a baby, you really do have to become more balanced, even though it’s not necessarily restful. It definitely gets me out of my hard-core, deadline oriented pattern. I find it so much fun to take time to play with her when she’s just waking up from a nap, and I’ve gotten something done while she was asleep–then I have her all over again. It’s a real treat coming back to her after that break.

It’s hard though, saying no to projects. It’s been a real gift to be able to contribute to other people’s projects, or to do things that are more time and labor intensive, but I’ve had to say no to some things I wouldn’t have had to a year ago. There are some real advantages to focusing on creative outlets outside your own work, like raising a baby and doing things that are more focused on the household.”

Today’s Giveaway: Susan’s Book, Button it Up!


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75 Responses to “Craft Corps Giveaway Day 22: Signed Copy of Susan Beal’s Book!”

  1. Sarah

    Wow! I love projects with buttons–they’re so clever. What a neat giveaway. ~Sarah Woodbury

  2. LaDonna

    What a wonderful book! I have a jar of vintage buttons from my mother-in-love that I could use with these sweet projects.

  3. Megs

    Great book! I’d love to use up my buttons in a better way. Thanks for this giveaway :)~Meg K

  4. Eleanor

    This book looks like a lot of fun. My grandson and I love making litte critters like the owl on the cover.
    Elanor Gona

  5. Kim Mayhew

    This looks like a very cool book and a would be a great addition to my library!

  6. Anne Ricketts

    Looks like a great book! I make glass buttons and this just might be the book I’m looking for! Thanks for offering it up!

  7. Kim R.

    I’d love a chance to enter your wonderful book giveaway – Thanks!
    Kim Reid
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  8. June

    Oh, Grandma’s big can of buttons – finally a way to use them! I’d really like this book.
    June Rhodes

  9. Kristi

    Lots of buttons over here – would love to do something fun with them. Thanks, Kristi Hall

  10. Danna

    This book is perfect for my Grandmother. She has a huge button collection.

    Thanks, Danna

  11. Nanc

    This looks like a great book. I love love buttons and it would be great to have more ways to use them.
    Nancy Lynn