Craft Corps Giveaway Day 18: Copy of Sew Everything Workshop!


Rebecca Rice!

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Name: Diana Rupp

Gig(s): Owner of Make Workshop in NYC

Excerpt from Craft Corps (Chapter 20):

VH: Do people from all over the country come to Make Workshop?

DR: Actually, from all over the world. I’ve had a lot of Australians lately–they’re awesome. A lot of teachers come from there and from Canada. Then, I get a lot of travelers and tourists coming through New York who decide to take a class.

VH: I’m always curious to know if craft is viewed differently by people around the world or around the country. For instance, is it seen differently by people in the Midwest than it is nu people on the coasts? Is it defined differently in Australia than it is in the United Kingdom?

DR: I think so. I was dating a guy who lived in Iowa. In his tiny town of 10,000 people, there were multiple fabric stores and a sewing machine dealership. From my perspective doing a book tour, in certain areas, craft is still something that’s handed down to you from your family. I think that’s much more true in the Midwest than it is here (NYC). In many countries kids learn how to knit as part of the school curriculum. In Europe, that practice is a little more present. I also think there are certain periods in people’s lives when they craft more, like for weddings or when someone’s having a baby.”

Today’s Giveaway: Diana’s book, Sew Everything Workshop!


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54 Responses to “Craft Corps Giveaway Day 18: Copy of Sew Everything Workshop!”

  1. Darrah Rippy

    I’m just learning how to sew and would love to try out some of the patterns in this book! 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    Wow, this is fantastic!
    I just bought the book Craft Corps yesterday, and I cannot stop reading it!
    Thanks for all the hard work!
    Jennifer Elliott

  3. Steph @HCC

    Ooh, someone I didn’t know & a book I hadn’t seen – awesome to find new things to fave.
    ~Stephanie Lauffer

  4. jo90

    Oh! This would so help me with my ambition to take up sewing again. Please pick me!
    Jo Batey

  5. MamaKnits2Much

    I love sewing, but I often have a hard time with it. I’m constantly looking online to find instructions for how to do something or other. This looks like just the book for me!
    Becky Selander

  6. Jenny

    im just thinking of branching out in my sewing experience…would love this book.
    Jenny Rekeweg

  7. jennifer

    I need to blow the dust off of my machine and get back to work! I’m just intimidated by not knowing how. This is the perfect fix!

    Jennifer Cory

  8. Anonymous

    I love to sew! this would be an awesome book to have!

    lycinda richardson

  9. Mary A Helgesen

    I am not familiar with Diana, but I will have to check out that book. I would L_O_V_E to win it! Thanks for introducing us to other craftswomen and men.

  10. Ruby Sundquist

    This book would cure my fear of sewing!

    — Ruby Sundquist