Craft Corps Giveaway Day 17: Copy of 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse!


Erin Evans!

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Name: Garth Johnson

Gig(s): Ceramist & Professor

Excerpt from Craft Corps (Chapter 15):

VH: What’s your first craft-related memory?

GJ: My first craft-related memory comes from my mother. She was a schoolteacher and somehow accumulated the world’s greatest craft collection in old-fashioned ’60’s pantyhose boxes. I would have to say our house had a hundred flat pantyhose boxes with diligently sorted craft materials: pompoms, pipe cleaners, cut pieces of paper, yarn, spools from old thread. Mu mother accumulated all these things, and then sorted them carefully; we kids, you know, completely ravished them over the course of childhood and left them a decimated pile.

VH: They were completely made available, and you had free reign?

GJ: Yes, absolutely. So, I’ve got to give it up to my mother for enabling that level of creativity and letting us be messy, fun, crafty kids growing up. That is easily a debt that I owe, and will pass on to my own kids when they come along.”

Today’s Giveaway: Copy of Garth’s Book, 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse


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50 Responses to “Craft Corps Giveaway Day 17: Copy of 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse!”

  1. Kaye Prince

    This is a book that I hadn’t heard of, but it seems really neat! I’m all about trying to reuse and re-purpose these days and I’m sure this book will give me lots of great ideas!

  2. Mack

    What a great book, I have so many saved materials that I need to use in a creative way!

    Mackenzie Campbell

  3. Liz

    What a wonderful book! I am currently making
    a quilt out of old tshirts.
    Liz Fox

  4. Erin M. Evans

    ohgoodness my husband brought this book home for me from the library! i would love love love to own this, its so inspiring!!!

    erin m evans

  5. Joycers

    I’ve got little ones and I’m always running out of craft ideas to do with them. This book looks great.

    Joyce Bloom

  6. Turtle

    love to reuse, reduce and recycle in a crafty funky way! shows your true personality! Tanya/turtle

  7. Brandy

    Awesome! I work with kids too and they are always amazing me with what they create.
    Brandy Cannady

  8. standingquietintherain

    My theme for the past year has been reUSE that old stuff. After cleaning out my aunt’s house and my mom’s house (both with a bit of a hoarding problem), I saw tons of great stuff, but none of it was ever used. It was like a shrine to antiques. I’ve started taking some of the coolest pieces and actually using them. A little paint and restyling make these items interesting and have some story behind them.

  9. Anonymous

    I love re-purposing!!! this book sounds awesome!!!

    lycinda richardson

  10. Janel

    I love reusing things. It’s kind of like turning a frog into a prince. 🙂

    Janel Gradowski

  11. mamaTAVE

    That book looks really fun!
    And, I am trying to be a mom like Garth’s–working toward a wall that my kid can paint on whenever she desires as long as she’s living in this house.
    Tavia Pagan

  12. Nikki

    Interesting, I’m always looking for ways to use all the extra craft stuff.
    Nikki Baker

  13. Mary A Helgesen

    I had never heard of the book, but it sounds good!

  14. lisa

    Loving the move back to repurposing! I’ve just saved 100s of tiny beads and sequins from a second hand lambs wool cardigan – will become felted bird ornaments with beaded wings for the Xmas tree this year. All for $3!
    Lisa Oloan

  15. MsSoul75

    I love-love-love the idea of repurposing & want to do SOOOOO much more of it! It’d be great to have a reference and more ideas.
    ~keli dean

  16. Grace Hernandez

    This looks so cool! I’m always saving little things that look like they could be used for something great, but I just never know what to do with them. I bet this book has a ton of great ideas.
    – Grace Hernandez

  17. jan utman

    I like the idea of re-purposing items, and not adding to the landfills. The bird on the cover is beautiful.