Craft Corps Giveaway Day 10: Cathie Filian’s New Line of Glitter!


Makenzie Clemons

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Name: Cathie Filian

Gig(s): Emmy Nominated TV Host & Modge Podge Spokesperson

Excerpt from Craft Corps (Chapter 14):

VH: You’re in the rare position of not only being a professional crafter, but also a celebrity because of it. Doe you see this reality as an example of how the industry and our society are evolving, or are people just paying more attention to what’s always been there because of mass-media avenues like the Internet?

CF: I think it goes in waves. It was big in the 80’s; it died down in the 90’s; now it’s big again. I hope it doesn’t die down again. I think the involvement of the big business dies down, but I think the community is so strong now. I believe creative people (although they may change their medium from crochet to felted beads, etc.) will always do something creative. It’s almost like this beast has been unleashed. There are so many places in print and online where people get their information–they’re swapping not just recipes, but craft instructions! There are so many places where people get their information for free, which I think is awesome.
I do feel like craft is here to stay. I think the trick is getting big business to believe it: networks, publishers, and large chain retailers. Those are the people shying away. I’m so sick of the word craft being treated as a dirty word. It’s so not!”

Today’s Giveaway: Set of Cathie Filian Glitter!


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92 Responses to “Craft Corps Giveaway Day 10: Cathie Filian’s New Line of Glitter!”

  1. Jodi

    I agree that the big businesses treat craft as a fleeting hobby and not the movement it truly is. In these times we HAVE to do more for ourselves and new supplies and techniques make it doable for all.
    Glitter looks pretty!! Jodi

  2. Anonymous

    I would love to work with this glitter. It looks amazing. Makenzie Clemons

  3. Brenda Price

    I agree that the net is having a huge affect on the craft world. It will take big business time to understand crafting is here to stay, but with more spokespeple out there, it will only be a matter of time. And glitter makes everything better!

  4. Bonney

    Very pretty!! It’s so nice that more and more crafters are producing their own lines. I think it really helps when you’re going for the same feel of projects by your favorite designer.

  5. rosenrobrt

    “Glitter is a friend of mine, I wear it all the time…sometimes a niclels worth but mostly it is a dime.”

    Robert Rosendale – Facebook
    Jacksonville, FL

  6. vmichelle

    I seriously love mod podge! I think I need to collage something up again soon. The last time I used it, I covered up my tissue boxes with vintage book pages.

  7. mare

    Hi…this would be so fun to have! I glitter EVERYTHING! I especially loved glittering the flowers for my daughter’s wedding bouquets.