Craft Apparent: Hearts for Haiti

Hey, all! Just wanted to let you know I have a new article up at my PBS Parent’s blog, Craft Apparent with Vickie Howell. This time I focus on heart-inspired projects that your kids can make to raise money to send to Haiti.

Heartfelt Frame
Pass the (Love) Note Pouch

Love’s Recyclable Wreath

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2 Responses to “Craft Apparent: Hearts for Haiti”

  1. Rachel

    Hey Vickie! Big fan, I’ve adored you since I first stumbled upon Knitty Gritty, and I ran across this tonight and thought it totally sounded like something up your alley. Being a leukemia survivor myself, and a knitter, this seems like somethin that will make a HUGE difference in a lot of womens lives. Thanks!


  2. pamela

    Greetings frm a Knitty-Gritty veteran – Just dug up the yarn the show gave us to work with – for my re-newed knitting mania!How about an EZ jacket or other piece of clothing?