Correction: CAT Susch in Craft Corps

Even with a writer and 2 editors working on a project the unfortunate reality in the publishing world is that when you have 90+ people included in a book, mistakes may still happen. Such was the case with Craft Corps and knitting web show host, CAT Susch’s profile in it.
The mistake will of course be corrected in the next printing but in the meantime, I wanted to feature CAT via this blog. So, without further ado, here’s CAT Susch!

Digs: New York, NY
Daily Grind: Technology Executuve
Fave Crafts: Knitting, Spinning, and Crocheting

In 2006, husband and wife team Eric and CAT set out to create a show that would marry CAT’s talents in needle arts and technology with Eric’s expertise in broadcast video production. The result was Let’s Knit2gether, a show about knitting and related fiber arts.

The how-to demonstrations hosted by CAT cover intermediate to advanced techniques including socks, blocking, felting, knitting with ribbon, lace knitting, knitting with wire, etc. Special “field trip” episodes take the viewer to knitting and fiber related events to experience the passion and excitement of fiber arts culture. Shot entirely in High Definition, Let’s Knit2gether rivals PBS and the Discovery Channel for superior production values and enjoyable content.

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One Response to “Correction: CAT Susch in Craft Corps”

  1. Judith Norman

    Thanks for the profile on CAT. I love “Let’s Knit 2gether.” Cat and her husband do an outstanding job. High quality all the way. Love your blog, too, Vicki!