Conversation with Andrea Pippins

On CRAFT*ish: Graphic Designer, Andrea Pippins.

This week’s episode is actually the last one of the 2016 season — and over the past 29 episodes Vickie’s had the absolute honor and pleasure of talking with creative types ranging from Artists and Professional Crafters to photographers and musicians. She’s learned something from each and every conversation, but there have been a handful that’ve really stuck with her — exchanges with guests who were both generous of spirit and thoughtful in mind. Their openness underlining the very reason she wanted to produce this podcast in the first place. In part it’s to feed her own curiosity about people and what makes them, well, them. Outside of her own satiation, however she hopes this show inspires thought and creativity amongst a community she loves being a part of. For Vickie, communication is the ultimate form of creativity.

The latest episode is one of those that she won’t soon forget. Earlier this week Vickie spoke with Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Educator, Andrea Pippins. At the time of this recording we are a little over 4 weeks away from the inauguration of an almost infamous, new President. For ultimate better or worse, to say that our American society is experiencing a period of unrest is probably an understatement. Vickie and Andrea took this meeting as an opportunity to have a very candid conversation about race, education, gender, and the power of creativity during times of personal — or global — insecurity.

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