Collars, Vests & Underwear.

Alright, business before pleasure. I finally got the pattern for the crocheted collar I’m wearing in all of the Vickie Howell Collection yarn ads, up in my Shop page. Well actually, I didn’t do crap, the amazing Jenny did. Regardless, it’s up for your downloadable enjoyment.

Blue Collar
Crocheted Neck Decor
Pattern: $5.00
Yarn: VHC ROCK in color: Kim & Kelly

For you Knitties out there with kids and a love for vintage fashion, also available now is the Daddy-O Vest in sizes 2T, 4T, 6 & 8. Wee sweater vests are a great answer to the “Why are there so few little boy dress up clothes?” question. Daddy-o is retro enough looking that parents’ll dig it and obnoxiously colored enough that kids’ll wear it! That people, is a win-win. 😉

Kid’s Knitted Vest
Pattern: $6.00
Yarn: VHC ROCK in colors: Jonas & Joan

Ok, now pleasure. My friend, artist Dave Lowe, created and sent this to me in response to yesterday’s Underoos post. I *heart* Dave, he’s hilarious! For those of you playing along at home, he’s also the art director for Knitty Gritty, Stylelicious, Uncommon Threads & Craft Lab.
This is totally going to be my new My Space picture. Ahhh, it’s a giggler.


5 Responses to “Collars, Vests & Underwear.”

  1. Anonymous

    the knitroos have to be the coolest knit related item I have seen in a while. thanks for the vest pattern. my son actually likes it!

  2. Nicole

    Thank you for the Daddy-O vest! I have a hard time finding clothing to knit for my son. This is perfect!

    P.S. I’d totally wear Knitroos!

  3. Vickie Howell

    Monica & Nicole–Once you order it and knit it up, please send pictures of your little guys modeling the vests. Pretty please. *batting eyelashes*

  4. dragon knitter

    i LOVE it! i never got underroos as a kid (i do remember a girl’s version, only it was a cami, not a bra, in the early 70’s (dating myself, here!)).

    too cool!