Chevron-craze Aftermath

chevy on Ohdeedoh

I’m sitting here staring at the loot I scored from the Missoni at Target launch, after noticing that the article on my Chevy blanket on Ohdeedoh is the Top post for the week and am wondering…are we all that caught-up in the chevron-print craze? Yeah, I think we are.

I did score a *few* Missoni things from @Target, though.;) 
 What’s next? Pucci and pools of color? Betsy Johnson and polka dots? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out and start stitching more odes to some of my favorite designers!


4 Responses to “Chevron-craze Aftermath”

  1. knit one, knit two

    lucky! all i could get was a pair of pants and hat for petunia. housewares had a lonely set of tapas trays. amazing how everything sold out in less than 2 days at my podunk target!

  2. CrochetBlogger

    I’m happy to see people falling in love with the Chevron pattern again. I think it’s a great eye-popping pattern that deserves lots of loves. Oddly enough, I almost never crochet it myself because ripples never want to work for me but I like seeing what other people make with it!