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Chain Links

Here’s this week’s crafty links!  xx, Vic About Family Crafts I need your help! Be the first to submit a photo of this completed craft and be featured on the Family Crafts site! Aileen’s Musings Your help is needed…Please take…


President Link-in

This week in crafty links… About Family Crafts If you are looking for a creative way to celebrate every day during the month of July, check out this special events calendar! Aileen’s MusingsEver wonder how to get that cute copyright symbol…


Everything but the Kitchen Links

About Family C rafts What is in your craft cupboard? What craft supplies can you not live without? Has there been a craft item that your purchased thinking it was the greatest invention of all time and then never used?…


New site is up!!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Just wanted to let you know that a brand spankin’ new is now up and running! As did the old one, the new site still offers crafty t-shirts, books, free monthly patterns, and events & news…


Ask Crafty

Morning! We’ll soon be launching a new and improved version of my website that will include a few new sections, one of which will be called “Ask Crafty”. To get this up and running though, I’ll need a few craft-related…