Ask Crafty

Morning! We’ll soon be launching a new and improved version of my website that will include a few new sections, one of which will be called “Ask Crafty”. To get this up and running though, I’ll need a few craft-related (doesn’t have to be about knitting) questions to post answers to. Anyone, anyone? If you’ve got one, please send it to: . Thanks!

I’ll also be starting a “Vic’s Picks” section where I show my favorite crafty tools, accessories, books,etc. If you’re interested in submitting one of your products for consideration, please mail it/them to:
Attn: Vic’s Picks
Vickie Howell, Inc
P.O. Box 246
Manchaca, TX 78652

Not much else new around here. I’m finishing up a couple of projects for the next Knit.1 and am slowly receiving the crocheted FOs from Catwalk Crochet contributors–I am THRILLED with the way everything is turning out. Oh amazing designers, how I *heart* you!

Other than that, I’m debating whether or not tonight’s Violent Femmes concert is babysitter worthy. The jury is out.