Carolina, Crafty Chica & Contest Winners

I’m back from North Carolina.  It was a great trip except seriously, I have the worst travel karma. I got stuck in Atlanta when there were maintenance problems with the plane so in order to not completely miss all of the meetings I was scheduled to be at, the company had to hire a car to drive me from there to Asheville (about a 3 1/2 hour jaunt).  A trip through the country in the back of a town car, driven by a lovely Czech gentleman who happily turned on NPR for me while I worked on my laptop is hardly roughing it, so I’m really not complaining–I’m just saying that my travel history has reached comical levels (see former posts about driving over the border to Canada, being caught in a record-making blizzard, changing in the cab in Colorado for an event we were 2 hours late for due to flight delays, etc.).  Anyway, from what I could tell Asheville seems like such a great little town! It has a New England look, but an Austin feel to it. Sometime when I’m there for more than 24 hours, I’d love to see more than just a few blocks of it.

While I was on the plane I read the latest issue of BUST magazine (double-covers with Flight of the Conchords & Elijah Wood on them) and was thrilled to see that Duncan Crafts has officially launched my dear friend Kathy Cano Murillo’s new Crafty Chica line.  I was honored to be asked to participate in promotions by appearing in the current full-page ad running in this mag, as well as several others.   Kathy’s products will hit the stores this summer, so get ready to get crafty!

Alright, without further ado the winner of the  Kim & Kelley “Lemon Drop” scarf  kit (and yes, I did actually put all of your names in a bowl and drew one out–I’m old school like that) is: TURVID!  

Also, since there was such a huge response from posters for this one I also picked a runner-up, who wins Flat Feet sock yarn by Conjoined Creations (merino wool & nylon).  That prize goes to: SUZIE!
Congratulations ladies!  Please e-mail your mailing information to:, so that we can get your goodies to you pronto.  
If you didn’t win this time, not to worry!  In anticipation of the launch of my next book Knit Aid, I’m going to be doing a giveaway a week for the next 6 weeks PLUS, a bunch more freebies tied into the next round of CRL podcasts. 🙂
Stay tuned.  Knit on!
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5 Responses to “Carolina, Crafty Chica & Contest Winners”

  1. Beth

    Hey Vicki! I live in Asheville. Did I miss an appearance or something 🙁 That is so not cool…

    And you know, 20/20 says that Asheville is the happiest place in America. I love it here. Come back when you can visit longer!

  2. margknittinaround

    Yes, Ashville is awesome! There’s a whole lotta craftin’ goin’ on there & in NC, in general- you should plan an event or appearance. marg

  3. sandition

    I lived in Asheville for many years. It is a very beautiful place that friends and family tell me keeps getting hipper all the time. I live in Seattle now.