Brioche Rib Decrease

Brioche Rib Decrease | How to work the BRK3tog decrease

This week on Ask Me Monday, we go a step past working straight rounds in Brioche Rib by upping the skill ante with a Brioche Rib decrease. The BRK3tog decrease is a creat option for decretive colorwork options ass you become a more advanced briocher (<— let’s pretend that’s a word), but is a great, simple option for crown shaping when making a beanie in this stitch pattern. Watch the video tutorial, try out your new skill, then consider making my September Skull cap, exclusively launched in the September YarnYAY! box (see deets below.) Enjoy!

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Brioche Rib Decrease 

BRK3tog = Brioche Knit 3 together
K2tog (this will be a k st and its paired yo and the following purl st): slip st back on LH needle; insert the RH needle into the next st (will be a knit st and its paired yo) and pass st over the first st on the LH needle; slip resulting st back to RH needle.


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September Skull Cap by Vickie Howell
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  1. LENA

    Looking for brioche hat pattern to purchase since I didn’t purchase box (September). Its not on YarnYay site to purchase.