Booties Go Bragh Pattern!

Alright, my Irish heritage coupled with the fact that my best friend is due with her 2nd son on St. Patrick’s day, has me on 11 when it comes to shamrock inspired design. These babies knit up in an evening so start now, and your wee laddy or lass will be doing a jig, just in time! xoxo, Vickie

Bootie Go Bragh

Shamrock Baby Shoes
1 Ball “LOVE” (Vickie Howell Collection). Color (MC): Wesley & Buttercup (white)– or any, sport-weight yarn.
Scraps “LOVE” (Vickie Howell Collection). Color (CC): Mulder & Scully (jade green)– or any, sport-weight yarn.
US size 6 DPNS
Tapestry needle

0-6 Months

With MC, CO 35 sts. Using only two of the dpns, work in garter stitch (knit every row) for 1 3/4″. BO.

Count in 14 sts. in from the top right-side. With MC, pu 9sts.
Next row (WS): Purl
RS: Knit
WS: Purl
Repeat last 2 rows 3 more times.

Leaving 9 sts on hold on needle, seam up bottom, heal and top foot panel.

Using tapestry needle and CC and back stitch, embroider Shamrock (or whatever design yourlittle heart desires) onto the top foot panel.

With MC and 2nd & 3rd DPNS, pu 17 sts around the ankle of bootie.
Next row: In MC, k1, p1 to end.
Next row: Switch to CC, *k1, p1 to end.
Repeat last 2 rows once more.
Next TWO rows: In MC, k1, p1 to end.

Weave in ends. Stuff toes with tissue to block.
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15 Responses to “Booties Go Bragh Pattern!”

  1. Becca

    Adorable! I almost wish my babes were that small again! MMMM, well no. But Anywho. I got lots of expecting peeps in my life, so guess what they’ll be getting?!
    Like always, you ROCK!
    Congrats on the engagement!

  2. Iris

    Thanks, Vicki! I’ll keep this one in the wait until my little Irish guy and his bride give me a new little one.

    And in keeping with the day: “May you be in heaven an hour before the Devil knows you’re dead.”

    Iris in Iowa

  3. Annabelle

    These booties are soooo cute! Wish I had someone to knit them for. Congratulations on your engagement!

  4. Jennifer Hall

    Very cute! My bosses wife is having a baby soon so this will be something nice I can make them and something new to try!l

  5. Anonymous

    Just thought you should know that it should actually be WesTley and Buttercup. Just check the book, or the movie credits. Thanks!

  6. MW

    I wonder when someone will knit a pair of ghillies. I suppose one could just add some suede to the bottom, and a heel for the boys… 😉

  7. Anonymous

    Máire from Ireland
    Came accross bootees while looking for pattern for Baby Yoda. Really lovely and easy to knit. Printing off and will start knitting for my 1st grandchild

  8. Dor

    You could always make these and any other booties for your local hospital. They will welcome them with open arms. I know!

  9. Annette Bratke

    My family’s babies are all too big for a 0-6 month size, but I love this pattern. Do you have a version of it in a bigger size?