Craft Corps

Through a series of insightful and often humorous interviews, designer, TV host and writer Vickie Howell gets to the bottom of how 30 influential designers and 60 every-day extraordinary people are taking part in creating and living the new, American Dream. Craft Corps is more than celebrating craft; it is about creating your life through the shift in career possibilities, making a living doing what you truly love, and celebrating individual creativity in a fast-paced, electronic world. It is an ever-growing community of people that flourishes online, both locally and globally. Craft Corps is a book, a blog, a community, a movement. Click here to watch the book trailer!

“[Craft Corps] is bad ass!”

—Christina Batch-Lee, Marketing for Etsy

“[Craft Corps] is the kind of book you can’t stop devouring from the moment you open the cover and when you’ve finished reading you’re hungry for more…It’s the kind of book that changes lives.”

—Margot Potter, The Impatient Crafter

“[Vickie’s] heart, soul and intentions [with Craft Corps] are touching, and crazy cool!”

—Amy Butler, World-Renowned Fabric Designer