Big Mushy Gushy Thank Yous!

Yesterday was one of those rare days when I felt like I actually was able to successfully balance most of the major things in my life. DIY needed me to shoot some promos for them and were able to accomodate my family life by coming out to Austin to shoot them. I dropped off my kids at school in the morning, went straight into makeup, shot for 4 hours and was done in time to pick them up again without them having to go into afterschool care. Good stuff.
I also found out from marketing that “Knitty Gritty” is the #1 searched for term OVERALL, on the DIY website. Considering the network has a 59% male viewership, that ain’t half bad for a little knitting show! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of you taking the time to search out and support us. Without you all, we couldn’t exist and for that, I am eternally greatful. You rock!

If you’re bored and looking for something to listen to, check out the AM radio interview that Jenny Hart and I did for a local station on their “The Ladies Room with Lolis” show:
AM Talk 1370
Track 1
Track 2

Have a great day!


3 Responses to “Big Mushy Gushy Thank Yous!”

  1. DebbieKnitter

    I just KNEW there were men secretly knitting all along. They just don’t want us gals to find out…Ongrats Vickie, knitting so rocks!!

  2. Monika

    “Without you all, we couldn’t exist and for that, I am eternally greatful. You rock!”

    NO Vickie….YOU ROCK!

  3. Anonymous

    Love your show.
    Was wondering if you could do a show on copyright laws. I thought you could inform everyone. I’m suprised by what knitters think they can knit and sell.
    Just a thought.