BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell!

“Knitting Daily TV” is now
“Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell”
Longest Continuously Running Knitting Program on Public Television
Names Popular New Host
Photo courtesy of: Bernat Yarns
LOVELAND, CO – June 14, 2013 – Jamie Bogner, VP and Group Publisher for Interweave, a division of F+W Media, announced today that DIY lifestyle and needle arts expert Vickie Howell will be the new host and co-executive producer of “Knitting Daily TV,” a how-to program on public television that brings yarn and fiber center stage.
“I’m truly thrilled to be joining the KDTV family, and can’t wait to be back in fellow stitchers’ living rooms sharing my passion for yarn-crafts and the vibrant community surrounding it,” says Vickie. Well-known to many in the craft industry, Vickie was the host and creative consultant of the DIY Network and HGTV’s show “Knitty Gritty” for 8 seasons. Additionally, she was the co-host of DIY’s “Stylelicious,” Lifetime Television’s web series “CRAFTED,” as well as several craft-based TV specials.
“We are so excited to have Vickie join us as the new face of “Knitting Daily TV,” said Interweave’s Yarn Group Editorial Director Karin Strom. “She will continue to bring viewers the in-depth needle arts programming they expect, while adding her own fresh and accessible approach.”
Working with familiar “Knitting Daily TV” guests as well as a new lineup of the best knitting designers, authors, and instructors, Vickie’s role as host ushers in a new chapter for the venerable Interweave brand. “Her thoughtful approach to sharing the love of knitting and crochet drew us to her,” said Strom, “and we’re excited that she’ll help us share that same love of needlework with over 140-million potential viewers across the US!”
Vickie’s knit and crochet designs have been featured in hundreds of publications worldwide, she has a regular column in Interweave Crochet magazine, and she has authored numerous best-selling craft books. In addition, Vickie is International Spokesperson for Bernat Yarn, with whom she has launched three co-branded yarns: Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell, Sheep(ish) Stripes by Vickie Howell, and Cotton(ish) by Vickie Howell.

Vickie is a board member of the Central & South Texas Chapter of the Epilepsy Foundation and founder of the Purple Stitch Project to benefit children with seizure disorders. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her family.
“Knitting Daily TV,” currently in its eleventh season, is the longest continuously running knitting program on public television. Formerly known as “Needle Arts Studio with Shay Pendray,” it became “Knitting Daily TV” in 2010 under host Eunny Jang, and will now be named “Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell.” Guiding viewers on how to make fun yet stylish knitwear and crochet patterns and projects, “Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell” maintains the show’s spirit by sharing great tips, techniques, knitalongs and more. 

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24 Responses to “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell!”

  1. Anonymous

    peeved…our local PBS station (WMHT) in upstate NY has never carried Knitting Daily TV…:-(

  2. Unknown

    I sure have missed Kitty Gritty on TV. I am in Southern Cali and am still searching for what channel Knitting Daily is on. Please help. I really want to watch. Thanks Vickie.

  3. Jamie JO

    what happened to Eunny? I’m looking forward to watching the show, congratulations and much success.

  4. M.M.

    HOORAY! I LOVED Knitty Gritty. Hope our PBS station in Maine gets it!!! Glad you’re back on!!!

  5. ~Ruth

    Congratulatons, Vickie! While I’ll miss Eunny, I’m so excited to have you back in my living room every Friday morning. Breakfast will be ready at 9am. 🙂

  6. Janice

    My local PBS station(s) took Knitting Daily off their program lineup. It last aired 3 weeks ago. Knitting Daily and the local news were the only programs I made a special effort to watch. I hope I can see the new season w/Vicki Howell somewhere…maybe online?

  7. Dorothea

    Eunny Jang was superb and best wishes to her in her new endeavors. Unfortunately I am not able to view Knitting Daily TV any longer. While our satellite TV provider features three different PBS stations, the only one that carried this program dropped it recently (WHUT in Washington, DC). I tuned in each week for this program and am sorry I will not be able to view the new show. I hope that F & W Media promotes the show to more PBS stations’ satellite offerings. We’re in a rural area and cannot view over the air broadcasting.

  8. sherry

    I loved Vickie on KNITTY GRITTY. Not so much on Knitting Daily. I’m an advanced knitter and nothing in the new season has appealed to me including the segments on yarn and accessories. Step it up or lose a long time viewer.

    • Janet

      Sherry, maybe you ought to look for a show where they’ll teach you how to express criticism with civility.

  9. Dixie

    Funny was great. Vickie not so much. Show seems choppy and lacks continuity. Volume uneven. Sorry, but I just don’t get it.

  10. Gale Schulke

    I really miss Eunny Jung. She brought a level of professionalism to the show. I am not a great fan of Vickie Howell (no offense, Vickie). I think Eunny just brought a quality to the show that is now missing. The remote section of the show is not needed. I would rather see techniques than to listen to someone talk about knitting. The one good part is the accessories section.

  11. joan

    Loved Knotty Gritty and Knitting Daily both old and new! The newer version of KDXWLIN is very good – am particularly enjoying the more advanced topics. Keep it up – you’re doing GREAT!

    • Vickie Howell

      Thanks, Joan. Unfortunately, my stint with Knitting Daily TV is over after this season. It was a great experience, though and I appreciate your support! xx

  12. Laura

    Well I really enjoyed Eunny Jang as host. She introduced interesting techniques. While I like Vickie’s personality, the recent episodes didn’t challenge the long time knitter. Space to Space wasn’t a segment I found useful eithet.