Behind the Scenes at CreativeLive


I spent last week at the San Francisco studios for CreativeLive, shooting five online courses for their platform. You can watch a sneak peak behind the scenes from a live, Facebook video I streamed from their San Francisco offices, but I also wanted to share a few snapshots from the experience.

Ready? Ok, good!

Front DeskIMG_4734I love the signage — clean, concise and modern, but just a little bit playful.

Pre-production Meeting
FullSizeRender 2The day before the shoots the crew — producer, cameramen, audio, and technical director all led by Line Producer, Kate Giller — met with me to go over how the shows (aka courses) would flow.

Lunch RoomFullSizeRender 3This room in particular had exactly the feel you’d expect from a cool, new tech start-up company: bright spaces filled with industrial-meets-artisanal decor. Even though CreativeLive is no longer new or a start-up, it still maintains that air of freshness and excitement.

Lunch Room Mural
IMG_4736Oh, and of course there was graffiti statement art. Obviously.

Content Marketing ProductionFullSizeRender 4Post video shoots, Content Marketing Lead, Rachel Gregg and Photographer/Studio Manager, John Eley meet-up to shoot photos for future blog posts and web ads.

Last Minute ProducingIMG_4739My amazing producer, Sarah Luck going over some last-minute notes before shooting the first lesson of my Knit Maker 101 class.

CLTeachingA screen shot from the live feed of my Monetize Your Class craft. I broke the cardinal rule of not wearing horizontal stripes on camera, but other than that the class went really well. I had a great live audience, and 2.8k RSVP’d virtual students! I truly enjoyed sharing what I know, and interacting with everyone. Be sure to check out this course, along with all of the bonus materials on CreativeLive!

I’ll be talking more about each individual course soon, but in the meantime we’ve set up a course page here on my website that gives info and can direct you to each of them.

Happy learning, everyone!


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  1. Lanell

    You had a woman on this week knitting a scarf looked like a gray it had long leaning stitches but I can’t find the pattern can you help me