Behind the Knitter

A couple of old friends from Knitty Gritty and I have been working on this spoof video for a while, now. It’s finally done, and uploaded. I hope it gives you a little Friday afternoon laugh…or at the very least, a smirk.

Without further ado, here’s the untrue, not really hollywood story of a knitter’s rise, fall and ultimate crafty plateau. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: VH(without the 1):  Behind the Knitter 

Credits: (pretend they’re scrolling–it’s fancier that way)
Concept & Story: Dave Lowe & Vickie Howell
Voice-Over Script & Image Wizardry: Dave Lowe
Editing & VO: Andrew Wollman
Music: Dave Campbell 
Opening Guitar Riff: Scott, Andrew’s friend
Have a great weekend!  And remember, I’m there for you, in (knitting) good times and bad. 😉
xo, Vic
Disclaimer: The people and events portrayed in this video may or may not be based on fact. More than likely though, it’s the result of a knitting host, art director and producer, missing hanging out on set together where debauchery almost always ensued.  Thank you.

24 Responses to “Behind the Knitter”

  1. Lil Knitter

    Thanks! I so needed that laugh! Love the “pink wig” segment…too funny.
    And the Knit Aid book rocks!! It’s in my purse as I type. Every knitter should own a copy..seriously.

  2. diva mcknitster

    what a fun show! so much better than an a&e biography!

    you forgot to attack the paparazzi with your needles (a’la britney!)

    vickie, my dvr schedule says that there’s an episode called “knitty gritty knitsters” airing in the weeks to come. is it true? is a new KG going to air? i’m really jonesin’ for a new KG!

  3. Anonymous

    I loved that. Thank you for posting it. I really needed a good laugh today, too. That was just the cutest thing since sliced bread (if you’re into that sort of thing.) Thanks Vickie!

  4. April

    oh that was awesome vicki. you are great Hey BTW…will you be in Manchester for the CGOA conference this year?

  5. Court

    Hilarious! I’m still laughing. You must make a sequel!

  6. Anonymous

    Loved the video! I so miss Knitty Gritty, though. I loved that show.

  7. Vickie Howell

    Thanks, everyone! Please feel free to pass it along and repost. 🙂

    BellaKarma: The point is for people to LISTEN to my podcast, not run away with their ears bleeding. 😉

    Kimberly: Maybe…but this was just meant as a joke. I think that home improvement shows bring in higher ratings and higher ratings bring in more advertisers. I’m not sure that this one had a ton to do with the economy though. Guess well never really know.

    Court: Lord. If enough people watch this one I MIGHT be able to convince everyone involved that it’s worth it. We’ll see. 🙂

    Knit r done- She passed on wanting the photo. I toyed with using it as my x-mas card a couple years back, but opted for a more appropriate shot of my sons in matching holiday jammies. 😉

    April- Nope I won’t be there. I donated a coupla books for the drawings, though.

    Diva- I actually didn’t forget that. I had a purse full of needles for that very purpose, but it just didn’t seem to flow as well.
    The new KG that your TIVO caught is the one-hour special that’s airing this Thursday. Yay!

    Womanji- That wig was courtesy of my friend Hope Perkins, but I happen to know you can have one for your very own for about 26 bucks.

    Anonymous- Yeah, it’s real. Dave & I got them when we eloped. You know what they say, when on Haight-Ashbury…

  8. Lulu

    I so love this little video !! LOL
    It was a great laugh. I most liked your Britney type charactor .
    Cannot wait to see a sequel !!

    Have a great week !!

  9. CurlyPops

    That was hilarious…..you’re not only a great knitter and tv presenter, but a great actor as well!

  10. 1knittychick

    Super Funny! I needed a good laugh! Buying KnitAid today. Thanks!