Back to School with InkJoy Pens

As summer has come to an end and we’ve gotten our kiddos ready to head back to school, it’s time for us parents to get back into the swing of our regularly scheduled routine. Recently the folks at Paper Mate asked me what I was most looking forward to using their InkJoy pens for, now that schools back in session and I’ll have a little more quiet time to myself. I’m a sucker for s good pen in any color, but for this project I chose one very special shade and put it to good use. Check out my video for the scoop!

Special thanks to Paper Mate, for giving me this forum to talk about my charity, Purple Stitch Project!

Happy back-to-school time!


2 Responses to “Back to School with InkJoy Pens”

  1. Mimi

    Tonight I saw a commercial on tv about these pens and they look awesome… I didn’t know that they came in all those gorgeous colours! Maybe I need to check them out next time I am in the city!

  2. becky

    I have tried these and they are all they say they are now I have mine and my husband has both of ours.I am a pen notebook school supply freak. Kids never really seemed to appreciate it until after they were out of school.Have a good day. Becky