Back to School for Knitting Tools!

While 11th hour, supply shopping for my sons it occurred to me; if ever there’s a time for multi-tasking, it’s during the back-to-school rush.  Take advantage of the souped-up aisles of the season, to score bargain solutions for crafty clutter!

Pencil Zippys
Oblong pencil bags are perfect for keeping double-pointed needles in place!

Compartment Cases
These cute little cases work like a charm, for collecting stitch markers & holders, buttons, t-pins, etc.
Binder Pouches

Larger, flat pouches work great for keeping track of circular needles or yarn swatches.  At under $1, they offer a cost-effective solution bringing order to tool-stash chaos.  Buy a bunch, clip ’em into a binder and store your goodies on a bookshelf!
But wait, there’s more! Also look for locker caddies to keep yarn in, post-it notes for pattern reading and rulers for gauge checking.   Happy organizing!
xo, Vickie

Oh, and hey parents, congratulations on another school year! 😉

12 Responses to “Back to School for Knitting Tools!”

  1. Jen

    Those are great ideas! I am currently experience quite a bit of craft clutter so I may sneak out and take advantage while I can.

    Luckily my boys aren’t in school yet but I have been completely obsessed with where/when they are going lately. So many decisions.

  2. Miriam

    I use a compartment container for my knitting accessories. It is so nice to have them all in one place! I haven’t needed to buy a needle sizer since i started doing that! I love the binder pouches. my needles always poke through the zipper bags I use.

  3. Sonia

    Thank you !:)Now my girls can see I’m not the only one who thought school supplies were great for my knitting stuff.I also love those extra large paper clips for helping keep track of what row I’m on or what pattern I’m working on in my book.

  4. Coco

    I have one of the compartment cases and it is the best notions case I’ve ever owned. I can even fit my smaller size dpns in it.

  5. Lil Knitter

    I sure wish I had thought of these while I was doing all that back to school supply shopping.
    I will definitely be shopping for me too next time.

  6. Womanji

    finally someone else sees the beauty and craftiness in office supplies like I do! I’ve been using pencil cases for years to hold my goodies. I have one for sock stuff, one for crochet stuff, etc. Welcome to the fold Vickie!

  7. Darcy knotty Knitter

    I keep mine in a clear plastic organizer with tons of compartments it makes it so easy to find what you want love your idea for the dpn’s you rock!!! Darcy

  8. Anonymous

    What store did you get the cool plastic box with the compartments?

  9. Jaime

    yay!!!!!!! you have totally validated my obsession for school and office supplies–my hubby just keeps rolling his eyes when more of the stuff shows up!

    on another note–my dvr has apparently boycotted me, and the last episode of knitty gritty has disappeared from my list of saved recordings–any chance that i can find it elsewhere?