(Baby) People of the Earth for Conan!

As the battle for Late Night justice continues, (Baby) People of the Earth join in supporting Conan O’Brien.
Future Redheads *heart* Conan!
Future Redheads for Conan!
(My daughter Clover, showing she’s coo-coo for CoCo!)
Yesterday I posted a template and tutorial for creating an adult-sized “Team Conan” T-shirt. Today, I encourage future generations to be a part of the movement to not move The Tonight Show to a later time slot.
Simply print out the Conan Sketch template at 50%, to use on a onsie or kids-sized t-shirt and follow the directions for the larger size.

4 Responses to “(Baby) People of the Earth for Conan!”

  1. Candyland

    Fabulous that the whole family turns out for this worthy cause! And Clover is such a beauty! What a great smile for the cause.

  2. Anonymous

    congratulations on your precious and beautiful daughter! this is so adorable 🙂