Baby Mix

Speaking of baby showers, if you’re looking for some music to play at your next bebe ball, here’s the playlist of music we put on the cds we gave as favors .  Oh, and even if the thought of breeding makes you want to gag, you might still find the Baby Mix (songs with “baby” in the title) both nostalgic and amusing.  What?  It could happen.    xo, Vickie

Hey Baby- No Doubt
Be My Baby- The Ronettes 
Pretty Baby–Blondie
Baby I’m a Star–Prince
Baby, baby, baby–TLC
Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys–Willie Nelson
Baby I Love Your Way–Peter Frampton
Combat Baby–Metric
Oh Pretty Baby–Lauren Hill
You Haven’t Earned it Yet, Baby–The Smiths
The Lament of Pretty Baby–Cursive
An Ear for Baby–The Thermals
Baby I Love You–Ramones
Baby Boomerang–The Shins
Baby Song–Colin Meloy (The Decemberists)
Plug in Baby–Muse
No. 13 Baby–The Pixies
Bonus Tracks (if you want a longer playlist for the party):
Ice, Ice Baby–Vanilla Ice
Sweet Child O’ Mine–Guns N’ Roses
The Lullaby–The Cure
Ruby Baby–Bjork
Baby’s Got Back–Sir Mix-a-Lot
Sweet Baby James–James Taylor
She’s My Baby–Mazzy Star
My Baby Just Cares for Me–Nina Simone
Hey, Hey Baby– Otis Redding

2 Responses to “Baby Mix”

  1. Jennifer

    “Combat Baby” is one of my favorite songs ever! I bet you could also include anything by The Breeders. LOL

  2. Vickie Howell

    True…but after Kelley told me that no, they didn’t in fact make “The Breeders” maternity shirts, I started calling the Deal sisters baby-haters. 😉