Baby, Bot & Bunnies

Baby Gift
A year and a half or so ago while shooting a Knit Bit at the non-profit shop Stitches from the Heart, I got this great pattern for the ” Quick Baby Sweater”, by Lorraine Major.  I’d been wanting to knit one up ever since, but hadn’t had the time until this one for a friend’s baby boy. The yarn is “Vegas” from my collection, in color: Casino.  I think it took about 3 balls.    It’s knit from the top down on size 10.5 needles, so the pattern’s name is definitely apropos.  🙂 

These buttons came from another L.A.-based yarn shop, A Mano, owned by my awesome friend Shannita (she was the guest on the Rasta Hat episode of KG.)  I picked these beauties up last summer, while we were there shooting part of the Knitty Gritty Special (which, BTW now has an air date of July 3rd–Stay tuned for more details!)  I liked ’em so much that Shannita sent me more, so I could also put them on a kids coat for Catwalk Crochet!  

I spent some of my Easter sunday making these sock bunnies for my boys.  They’re really easy, super-cute and cuddly, and (I’m proud to say) kid approved!  General instructions on how to make them can be found on this website.  I *heart* sock creatures.

Tristan took his first sewing class today–it was so dang cute, I could barely stand it!  It was an afternoon  “Plush Monsters” course at Craft-O-Rama in Austin.   Tris loves little squishy toys and seems to be, dare I say, crafty–so this was the perfect stitching intro for him.   Although he was a little intimidated at first, he really dug working with a sewing machine. 

 He’s too wee to reach the pedal, so we put down a bin to help out. 🙂

His finished project as you can see, is a pretty awesome robot for which he meticulously chose all of the materials, and hand-sewed the eyes and buttons on mostly by himself.
All in all I’d say, it’s been a very crafty couple of days.  Just how we like it around here.
xo, Vickie

12 Responses to “Baby, Bot & Bunnies”

  1. Lil Knitter

    I haven’t commented in soooo long but I read every post….Promise! The cuteness just got me this time though. High five Tris for the Bot…awesome job! I’ve tried so hard to pass on the “crafty” to my kids but so far…no luck. WTG, Vickie!

  2. Marnie

    Your son, he is brilliant. Seriously, I would love that even if it were sitting on a shelf at a store and I didn’t know that a cute and crafty little guy made it.

  3. Roe

    How cool! I love the buttons. 🙂

    You’ve inspired me – my 8-year old son has been bugging me to teach him to use my sewing machine; I’ve been lagging on actually doing it. I guess it’s time, after all.

  4. diva mcknitster

    1. i love the baby sweater. that color is gorgeous and the buttons are cute to boot!

    2. yay for new KG…even if it’s in the summer!

    3. yay to you for having a boy who crafts (and sews too!) it gives me hope!

  5. Andrea

    Everything in this post is so great! Do you get misty eyed whenever your kids do something new and cute? I do, I actually got kind of teary at the picture of the sewing pedal on the bin.
    So cute!

  6. Vickie Howell

    Thanks, guys! He’s so proud–he even went to school with my blog URL written down on a piece of paper in his pocket, so that he could show his teacher the pictures and comments. Hee hee!

  7. Lulu

    How cute and so proud of his work.
    A wonderful job for his first time.
    I see crafts run in the family.