Austin Craft Mafia Fall News Letter!

Hey all! Austin Craft Mafia puts out a newsletter every 2-3 months. For no reason in particular, I thought I’d post it on my blog this time. If you’re interested in subscribing in the future, just head on over to the ACM website. Thanks! xo, Vic

Well hello there, Mon Craftitain(s)! It’s almost offically Autumn and us girls from the Austin Craft Mafia are FALLing head over platforms for new fashions! To prove it, we’ve done a 5-page photo spread for Jewell Magazine spoofing our shadier side but showing that even in the darkest of times, one can still be fabulously dressed. Check out the free issue out TODAY, in Austin stores throughout the city!
In other local news, Jenny Hart and Vickie Howell will be interviewed this Saturday, September 23rd on KJCE AM 1370. Tune in at 3PM, sharp!

For additional antics, type on over to the Fred Flare website to listen to their latest podcast featuring mafiosas Jennifer Perkins, Tina Sparkles and Jenny Hart.

Oh but wait, there’s more! With November 11th being less than two months away, STITCH anticipation is palpable. All the amazing designers and vendors have been chosen as well as headlining bands Irving and +/- confirmed. Check out the web site for all the details.

Amet and Sasha just turned 4!!!! What does that mean for you aside from a reason to run out and buy yourself a cupcake (yes, you should all go do that to help us celebrate!)? A ton of new items and a sale of course! All throughout the month of September you’ll find various goodies on sale, some soon to be discontinued, some not. But get your butt over there because the sale ends on September 30!

Sublime Stitching’s Jenny Hart, interviews Anna Sui for the Venus Magazine Cover Article!
In it they chatted about DIY culture, all thing embroidered and what it was like to be in the center of punk’s heyday: NYC in the 70’s. Reallyn though, Jenny just wanted to ask Ms. Sui about all the embroidery and cross-stitching she covers her clothing with, where the inspiration comes from and stuff like that.

Wondering about the release of Jenny’s new book, Sublime Stitching: Hundreds of Hip Patterns and How-To? Here’s the deal: It appeared in stores earlier than expected but it’ll be released officially on her site next month with much fanfare. If you order copies directly from her, they come signed- of course! But you don’t have to wait for her, get yourself a copy any way you can! We *heart* Ms. Hart!

While Jenny was off interviewing Ana, Vickie Howell went to New York to interview another runway designer, Isaac Mizrahi! Get the scoop on Isaac’s knitty little secrets in the “TV Issue” of Knit.1 Magazine, on stands now!

In other written news, Vickie just finished the manuscript for her 3rd book! Keep an eye out in 2007 when Knit Aid: A How-To Helper for the Knitter on the Go, hits shelves!

If you’re in the Austin area, come take a knitting class from Vickie at Hill Country weavers! There’s less than 6 weeks left until Halloween so it’s about that time to start thinking about kiddie costume prep! She’ll be teaching a 2-day workshop on the Wizard & Princess hats from New Knits on the Block that begins on September 26th. The class will cover knitting in the round (using circulars and double-pointed needles), basic shaping, machine felting and optional needle felting. Come with your own supplies or buy pre-made kits at the shop-either way, the child in your life will end-up with a royal head-topper, that looks magically delicious! Oh and high schoolers, she’ll be teaching a beginning class for teens in October featuring Not Another Teen Knitting Book’s B/F/F wristbands! For more details on either event, check out the HCW website or call: 512-707-7396.

Speaking of B/F/F’s, OMG you must see Hope Perkin’s new t-shirt masterpiece, over at Hot Pink Pistol! Picture this if you will, Tupac and Biggie’s faces each on the side of a broken “Best Friends” charm. That’s good stuff, people! Snag one now, before us ACMers buy them all first!

Naughty Secretary Club’s Jennifer Perkins has gone off and gotten herself her very own TV show! Craft Lab debuts on the DIY Network at 1:30ET/12:30CT/10:30PT on September 25th and airs daily. Record it, watch it, heck, even throw a party for it. Trust us, you’ll love this show! Oh, and while you’re setting your Tivo’s, don’t forget to add Monday morning’s new episodes and of Knitty Gritty and Tuesday & Thursday repeats of Stylelicious to the list!

Since woman cannot live on tees alone, Karly Hand has stocked Identity Crisis Clothing with tons of new stuff including our personal fave, the Sleeve Purse. It’s a purse with a purpose! We like that.

That’s it for us now. Be well. Craft Often.

The Mafiosa
(Karly, Jennifer, Vickie, Jenny, Hope, Jen, Susann, Tina & Jesse)

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