As Seen on TV!

Hey all! Since we get quite a bit of requests for pattern info on some of the knitted pieces I wear on Knitty Gritty, I thought I’d post what I can remember here. Here goes!

Green “Teensey” Capelet

Episode: “Mixing Yarns” w/ Stephanie Klose
Pattern: Free here on my blog!

Orange & Cream “Oh, Scrap! Wrap”

Episode: “Knitting for Charity” w/
Pattern: Free here on my blog!

Multi-colored “One Skein Wonder” Shrug
Episode: “The Better Sweater” w/ Stefanie Japel
Pattern: Available for purchase on Stefanie’s website, GlampyreKnits.

Black & Teal “Triangle Shawl”

Episode: “Coriolis Sock” with Cat Bordhi
Pattern: Kit available for purchase here on Suss Cousin’s website.

Brown & Cream Wrapped Stitch Tank Top

Episode: “Forever Plaid” w/ Teva Durham
Pattern: Available in her fantastic book, Loop-d-Loop.


9 Responses to “As Seen on TV!”

  1. Theresa

    Thanks so much, Vickie! I have plans to make the “oh scrap wrap”. For some reason, the Suss poncho looks way different when you wore it on the show – did you perhaps double up the yarn?
    I really think you’re gonna have to do a monthly post or something for all the great handmade fashions you wear on the show!
    BTW, I just finished up the Lana & Clark Ascot in your Rock! yarn – using Joan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jaime

    YAY!!! i’m beaming with adoration and excitement!!!!

    you are the GREATEST!!!!

  3. Vickie Howell

    Theresa, I don’t think there are any more knitted things I’ve worn during any of the 8 seasons of the show. I know that’s weird, but I rarely get a chance to knit for myself.

    That wrap is the same one I wore (the yarn is doubled on its own). It might just look different because I wore it over black. It’s know on 50s so you can make it in an evening!

    Please send a picture of the Ascot for the Knitter’s Gallery on my site. I’d love to see it! The info on where to send it can be found here: http://www.vickiehowell.com/about.html

    xo, Vickie

  4. Donna

    Hi Vicki:

    I am a big fan and want to say thanks for making knitting cool! On the episode with Karen Baumer on Steeking, there was a children’s blanket with moons & stars etc. I HAVE to make that blanket. Is there any way to get the pattern???



  5. Nichole

    What happened to the t-shirts you used to have available? I don’t see them in your store anymore and would love to get one!

  6. Tiffany

    Thanks for posting the details on the patterns. Another background item on the show that has caught my eye is a brown sweater that is on a dress form behind one of the knitster chairs. It has only been in the most recent episodes. It looks kind of lacy in the body and the top looks like it’s a wide off-the-should ribbed piece. It looks beautiful and I would love to have the information for the pattern. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love watching the show every day!

  7. knittingdiva1

    Vickie, all I can say is
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
    for taking the time to read my request for the orange/cream/brown wrap pattern you wore on the show and for sharing it with us.

    Wow, I just posted a comment a few days ago and here it is……………
    Ronni Lynn Spoll

  8. Robin

    Thank you, thank you.

    One more request – on the Disco Knitting episode, you showed a fab ruffled capelet by Brett Bara at the very end. Can you point me in the right direction for the pattern? It looks most delicious — I do love a ruffle!

  9. Lefty

    Hi Vickie

    On the episode KDNG-613 – 3D scarve you wore a capelet. It was very pretty. I would love to make it. Can you provide the pattern or direct me to were I can get it?
    Love your show.