Anatomy of a Play Kitchen


A few months ago, my friend Andee told me about this amazing kitchen made from a nightstand she’d seen on the ultra-cool kid design site, Ohdeedoh. The minute I laid my eyes on it, I knew I had to make one for myself…I mean, my daughter. πŸ˜‰ Fortunately, there’s a complete supply list and tutorial over on the blog, Out of the Crayon Box–so once I gathered the supplies (I lucked out on scoring a nightstand from my friend Karly who just happened to have one she didn’t need anymore) and found some time I was ready to go!

My husband Dave and I spent a weekend busting out our own, kitschy kitchen for our little Clover. The result, is this turquoise beauty which I’m giddy to report was also featured on Ohdeedoh.

Before & After

Since posting pictures in my Flickr pool however, I’ve gotten a few questions about some of the materials I used. I thought it might be helpful to give you the anatomy of our wee kitchen, in the form of pictures and a list. Here goes:


1. Stove Burners: Wooden disks found at Michaels, painted with Rustoleum Hammered Metal paint.

2. Stove Knobs: “Snodd” cabinet knobs from Ikea.
3. Kitchen Sink: Pet bowl found at Dollar General.
4. Sink Facet: Old bathroom facet found in the excess bin at the Habitat for Humanity RE-Store.
5. Backsplash: Tile sheet found at Lowes and glued on to scrap wood using Aleene’s Liquid Fusion.


6. Pantry Curtain: Fabric from Ikea, adhered to wood using stick-on velcro.

7. Pantry Curtain Ruffle: Crocheted using stitch and Simply Soft yarn.
8. Paint: Turquoise house paint from Lowes, over a spray-on primer.


10: Oven Inside: Crafty Chica craft paint.
11. Oven Door: The nightstand’s original drawer-front was plastic so I chose to replace it with plywood, cut to the same size.
12: Oven Latch: Magnet cabinet closure found at Lowes.
13. Oven Hinges: Plain ol’ door hinges found at Lowes.
14. Oven Door Saftey Chain: Chain and eye-screws found at Home Depot.
Have you made one of these nightstand kitchens, too? I wanna see it! Heck, even if you haven’t made one of these, I still want to see what cutie cocina your kiddo plays with! Post a link to a photo in the comments section, please.
Happy crafting!

10 Responses to “Anatomy of a Play Kitchen”

  1. Tifonly

    OMGEEEEEEE! I am so yard saling(is that a word?) this weekend. My daughter’s 2nd birthday is in August and I was goingto buy her a kitchen but now I am going to make it super special by making me (oooops i meant her) one! Hopefully it will wow the b-day party crowd!

  2. debi

    Hi Vickie–off topic–what neck scarf pattern are you wearing on the Caron Connections newsletter? It’s turquoise and looks lacy……and adorable! Can you share the pattern?

  3. Tifonly

    Ok Vickie I have been on the hunt for my nightstand and have been running into a lot that are press-wood and not solid wood. I do not want to spend more than $20 (preferably less) on it. DO you know if it will be just as easy cutting the bowl hole fin press wood? Is yours solid wood or press-wood?

  4. Sarah Duede

    Thank you for sharing this project. I’ve got to show it to friends that have lil girls AND know how to build things. They would love this!