Almost Permanent Layover

I enjoy the Seattle airport. If one had the time, they could choose to do any of the following and more!

  • Eat something non-greasy
  • Get a manicure
  • Purchase a reproduction of a 1950’s swag lamp
  • Peruse a well-stocked Borders Bookstore that even carries Knit.1 Magazine!
  • Have a glass at the wine bar
  • Learn about Puget Sound
  • Get a massage
  • Stock up on DVDs
  • Shop for wares made by local artists

Have you ever wanted to *knock someone down, just to take their shoes? Also in the airport, a woman wearing these amazing, strappy white & silver platform espadrilles. But I digress.

Originally, this post was going to end there. That is, until I got denied entrance to Canada via plane in Seattle. Good times. Apparently, even a call to US Customs ahead of time and news stories about the passport offices being overwhelmed (causing implementation of the new law to be postponed), were not reliable sources of information. Oh, and it doesn’t appear that anyone told Canadian Customs about the US passport delay. Oddly enough as long as you have an I.D. and birth certificate, it’s perfectly fine to drive over the border. Does this seem like a flawed plan to anyone else?

Sooooo, not being a knitter that can be held down (and knowing all too well how a no-show guest can screw with a production schedule), I rented a car and drove from Seattle to Vancouver. The drive was long, but really beautiful. I arrived at Peace Park and made it over the border, without incident. I pulled in to the hotel parking lot just in time to meet my friend Lauren (one of my co-panelists at last year’s SXSW Interactive) and then drinks with Wendy (the host/producer of “She’s Crafty”). Oh, Canada.


*I do not condone or endorse knocking people down or stealing their shoes. Thank you.

7 Responses to “Almost Permanent Layover”

  1. tina

    oh that is just puredee stupid.(getting into Canada not stealing shoes, grab and run on great shoes is perfectly understandable!)

    I was hoping to make a trip to Montreal or Toronto at the end of the summer and it now sounds as if that plan might not work at all!!!!!

    Good looking out though Vickie, you saved the day in the end. Even passing by the shoes.

  2. Jill

    It’s PUGET sound ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I was born and raised in Seattle…it DOES have a good airport!

    I’ve driven to Vancouver a couple times too, it’s a beautiful city. It’s a good thing you think fast on your feet! Good job ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. RandomRanter

    I had a travel story that had me spending about two days in the Seattle airport, so my memories are not so fond (though clearly it was not the airport’s fault that I was stranded.) However, I agree they offer quite a bit to do. Glad you made it safely to Canada, one way or another.

  4. Sonia

    OK so I understand you can drive to Canada from the US and have no problem but can’t fly from the US to Canada? Yeah its amazing how much airport fun you can have if you have the time. I believe crafty people are really quick thinkers nothing stops them.:)

  5. Susan

    I thought about knocking a woman down in Applebees last week and stealing her sweater. Or at least getting a good close look at it. Is that wrong?

  6. Guinness & Shiloh's Family

    I would so strongly consider tackling someone for awesome shoes! Just consider, really, maybe even plan out the strategy phase in my mind, but then sadly come back to reality and politely ask her – after gushing compliments about her fab-u-lous taste – where she got them. Rent that car, drive there first for the shoes, then go to Canada!
    Yep, over a month ago we applied for passports and haven’t heard a thing. Can’t drive their either cuz they make you send you birth certificate into the passport office! grrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. My Little Corner

    It’s the same the other way around too. US Customs won’t let you fly out of Canada but US Customs will let you drive into the US. Personally I think both Customs are trying to prove something to the other!
    Fabulous that you drove, what a trooper. “The show must go on!”