A mag for those "make it" types!/Contest

Jennifer and I have been working a little with a new magazine called, Make it Mine and wanted to share what’s going on in their latest issue with you!  Here’s a sneak peak of some of the great project ideas they’re offering as inspiration to make your style… well, your own!  Check it.

My friend and fellow partner in Austin Craft Mafia crime, Hope Perkins, has a 4 page tutorial on re-vamping a thrift store blazer with paint!

Turn your own blueprint design into a one-of-a-kind scarf!

Diamonds as a girl’s best friend is soooooo pre-“Blood Diamond“!  It’s all about the shoes, now. 😉  Make it Mine’s 2nd issue celebrates this love of fancy footness, with a ton of examples on prettifying your peds!

In the mood for a little felt on felt action?  Well, there’s a feature just for you.  LeBrie Rich (watch the interview I did with her last November at Stitch, here) shows us how she turns fiber, into art pieces!

If you haven’t already checked out the magazine, it can be found on most news stands, now.   
I also have copies of the latest addition (featuring all aforementioned crafty goodness & more) to give away to 5 people (picked at random), who add Make it Mine as a “friend” on MySpace over the next 3 days!  Simply go to their page and click on “Add to Friends”.  On Sunday afternoon, we’ll put on a blindfold and point at names on the “Friend Request” approval list. It’ll all be very scientific! 😉 If you win,  we’ll contact you via MS for contact info.
Long live crafty, print magazines!
P.S.  Check in on Jennifer’s blog over the next few days, too!  She’ll be running a similar contest giving you TWO–that’s TWO chances to win!

5 Responses to “A mag for those "make it" types!/Contest”

  1. Nichole

    Cool – just did a friend request on MS!
    When will the books being mailed out (I pre-ordered mine)?

  2. Mimi's Jewels

    I added the magazine on MS too! I love craftiness and a crafty mag like this is just what I need! Or don’t need. Depending on how you look at it. 😉