6th Annual(ish) Birthday Giveaway!

Bday Giveaway

Nothing makes me happier than to spend part of my birthday giving away crafty presents, so every year (with the exception of maybe one) over the past 6 or 7 I’ve done some sort of giveaway. Well folks, it’s November 18th which means another trip around the sun for me, and another giveaway for you!

Enter to win 1 of 18 skeins of yarn provided by, Yarnspirations!Β  Post a comment letting me know about at least one thing you’re planning on hand making for the holidays (links to patterns/images/tutorials welcome — because I’m nosey and love this time of year). Winners will be chosen at random to receive a ball of one of the following yarns: Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell, Sheep(ish) Stripes by Vickie Howell, Bernat Blissful, Bernat Happy, Bernat Softee Chunky, Caron United, Patons Denim-y, Patons Classic Wool Bulky, Patons Lace, or Patons Misty.

THIS IS A FLASH GIVEAWAY, SO YOU ONLY HAVE 48 HOURS TO ENTER. All comments must be posted on this site (not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest) by 10:30am CT on 11/20.


Good luck, and thanks for being a part of the fun!




949 Responses to “6th Annual(ish) Birthday Giveaway!”

  1. Alice Arsenault

    I plan on making some wristers and hats and am gifting myself a sweater that I’m knitting

    • Cassy

      Same here, been whipping up hats and wristers and schoodies πŸ™‚ too much warmth and fun πŸ™‚

    • amy

      I am working on house booties, hats, scarves, cowl-hoodies and an elephant for my nephew.

    • Suzanne

      I am making Buddy Boy from huge and huggable mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec for my nephew. And then as many more gifts as I can fit in before Christmas >.<

    • Devora Baronofsky

      I plan on making the “Frozen” mittens from the Yarnspirations pattern for my granddaughters. It is knit in Bernat Satin

    • Esther

      I plan on knitting hats, scarves & fingerless gloves. I would like a cowl for me. My granddaughter wants leg warmers.

  2. Susan Daniels

    I’m working on afghans, hats and a shrug. Wish there were more time, but it’s coming together well!

  3. Evin

    This holiday season, I’m knitting a couple premie hats for a friend’s little bundle of joy and a new winter hat for my own son. I also am knitting a sock yarn shawl for myself and a pair of fingerless gloves.

  4. Minnie Higinbotham

    I’m making hats, scarves, mittens, etc for Christmas gifts for my grandchildren and children. I also am donating preemie hats to our local hospital for new born babies.

  5. Carla Brown

    Hats for the grandchildren, they like to have a new one each year.

  6. Susan Round

    I love making gifts right up to Christmas day. It helps me get through the holidays and helps me feel I’m part of the big picture.

    This year I’m knitting cell phone sweaters making my own patterns. My plan is to successfully sell my patterns in 2015 to earn money since I cannot work.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  7. Chrissie

    I’d LOVE to win yarn! I’m hoping to make my first pair of mittens this winter while also tackling the trickiness of using double-pointed needles. Here’s to conquering both this year!

  8. Hilary Funderburk

    I’m making dishcloths for mom, socks for my karate teacher, a hairpin lace scarf for granny a hat for a friend and I’m still deciding on projects for two other friends! (I know time is running out!!!)

    • Susie Senedzuk

      Something I do 365 days a year.I make lap blankets for people in the local hospital.Red and green and white for the Holiday!

  9. Cheryl

    I am working on my annual pair of slippers for my girlfriend for Christmas:)

  10. Carol B.

    Would love to win. I am making items to donate that only take one skein.

  11. Barbara

    I only started learning to knit last year so I’m going to be making snowflake tree ornaments for my family. My mum is blind so she likes to feel any gifts I make for her and guess what they are. This one should be fun!

  12. Vanessa Rinaldo

    Last Christmas I made my 83 year old aunt a scarf….she lives just north of Boston and it’s cold there in the winter!! This year I want to make her a matching hat…..(blue)

  13. Diana K

    I too have a birthday in November πŸ™‚ If I win, I plan on making a ‘rainbow scarf’ that my 4 year old grand daughter requested me to make for her (and also her 2 yr old sister).

  14. Chrystie

    I’m knitting 3 cowls, 6 mug cozies, 4 earwarmers and a partridge in a pear tree πŸ˜‰

  15. janet nichols

    I would ldove to win one of these I donot knit but my firneds does and I wold love to giveit to her

  16. Jacque Greer

    Hi Vicki!!! Im making coverlet for mom and slipper soxks for everyone

  17. Jeanne M Ready

    Happy Birthday Vickie,
    For the holidays I’m knitting mittens for the kids next door. I would love to win yarn. In my opinion yarn is way better than chocolate – and is less fattening.

  18. autumn hegler

    I am making so many things. On my hook right now is my daughters stocking. Then I have several softies to finish and a couple sweaters and hats.

  19. Amy stielstra

    Me And my college age daughter are making hats, scarfs, mittens for Nashville children’s home. Teens and pre teens. Homemade for the orphans.

  20. Dixie Indra

    I crochet almost daily. Our church has a prayer shawl mission. I love the pano yarn!

  21. Debbie

    I made a ninja turtle hat for my grown son who requested one after I made 2 for my grandchildren’s halloween costume.

  22. Barb Desaulnier

    Greetings from Iqaluit Nunavut
    Happy Birthday to you and my husband.
    Planning on
    Lots of hats mitts hooded cowls beanies etc for a fair and grands
    Any wool up here in the arctic is precious so here’s hoping

  23. Angelina

    I will be making a baby afghan for my daughters friend that’s having a baby next spring .

  24. Carolyn Caplinger

    I am making my husband a blanket with colors from his favorite football team.

  25. rrobinson

    i’m going to attempt to knit (I’m primarily a crocheter) a pair of wrist/hand warmers for both my husband and my son.

  26. Gabriele Carmona

    Happy Birthday Ms. Howell!
    I’m planning to make a ribbed slouchy beanie to go with the *knit anyone* scarf. after that a *road trip* shawl is on the hook.

    • barbara howard

      I make hats every year for brenners childrens hospital which is the childrens cancer unit

  27. Danielle

    Making stalkings/leggings for my mom’s dog, who’s legs cramp in the cold

  28. Kat Lozaw

    I’m making coffee cup cozies for the guys and dishcloth flowerpots for the gals.

  29. Anne-Marie Rutella

    I am planning to make a slouchy hat for my 8 year old daughter. Happy Birthday & thank you for the chance to win some yummy yarn! =)

  30. Amy

    Happy Birthday. I am working on cowls fur my sisters and a blanket for my parents.

  31. Amy Menzies

    I am making stockings for the kids and baby blanket/bedding to go with their new doll beds daddy is making them.

  32. Nikkole Jackson

    This holiday season, I am handmaking a baby blanket for a coworker for her first grandbaby, im making lapghans for my family, wrist warmers, hats, scarves, etc. Happy birthday Vickie?

  33. Susan Biles

    I am making hats and scarves as holiday gifts. Happy birthday and t hank you for the giveaway gift.

  34. sarah b

    Boot cuffs in 6 varieties. They’re a big hit with a variety of ages! And I’ll make a few toys. Animals are timeless gift that can easily become heirloom depending on their care. β™‘

  35. Marria Martinez

    Currently I’m knitting a hat for myself , the supercute Wurm. Next I’ll
    crochet some ornaments
    for my Christmas tree, Spiral ornaments from

  36. Cat

    I’m going to make my sweetheart a cuddly throw for when he’s watching TV.

  37. Christa

    I’m making three afghans for an Adopt a Family donation program and some dish cloths and pot holders for my SIL.

  38. Lorrayne

    Hope you have a great birthday. I am working on dolls, hats, stuffed animals, etc for a craft fair and also donate some for Christmas gifts for the children that our community gathers things for.

  39. Carol V

    I will be making the Quick Fan & Feather Scarf/Shawlette inspired by Abyssal. Sorry I don’t have a link – just the printed pattern I picked up at the yarn shop in Shipshewanna, IN.

  40. Angela Menzel

    I have hats, cowls and socks all on my needles for Christmas presents!

    Happy Birthday!

  41. Talia

    I’m making a Christmas stocking and a scarf for my boyfriend! This kind of giveaway is awesome!

  42. Maggie G.

    I’ve always wanted to make socks, but I’ve never had the right yarn before. Thanks for the opportunity and have a great day!

  43. Debbie

    I will be making dryer balls!!
    everyone needs these in their life!, cuts down on energy usage
    and is environmentally friendly!

  44. Melissa Armstrong

    Im working on my own pattern for a beanie and too many crochet hoods to count!

  45. Tamie Jamison

    Happy Birthday Vickie,
    I have already made all my Christmas gifts, and sent most of them to my friend. I made the scarves in the crochet and knit alongs. And Much much more.

  46. Linda Searfoss

    So far 2 sweaters, 2 wrap skits & matching capelets, “denim” pants, and loads of slippers (knitted & crocheted). All Christmas presents for this year!

  47. donata

    I am making sweaters and jackets, hats and scarves for gift giving and a sexy lil black dress for new years eve

  48. Renee Hale

    I’m making a few hats for senior citizens, a placemat for an exchange gift, hats for my twin grandchildren due after Christmas and snowball toy sets for my grandsons in Las Vegas who don’t get to throw snowballs.

  49. Gayle

    Making lots of great patterns for gifts – I’m really enjoying making fingerless mitts (FAST!) and long triangular scarves that can be worn so many ways!

  50. Jen Piper

    Happy birthday! I started knitting my Christmas gifts in September and have already made 7 hats and 4 gloves. I am planning on giving them to all the wonderful women and girls in my life. I’ve even made some of the patterns myself and am working on giving them away for free on Ravelry soon. I’ve been trying to finish one project per week. I hope I get everything done before Christmas.

  51. Becky Thomas

    Let’s see… scarf and hat for hubby, slippers for mom, ponchos for nieces. And maybe more I haven’t decided yet.

  52. Francesca

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for being a great teacher!
    Making scarves and slippers!

  53. Debby Tingle

    Making Christmas ornaments thus season! And the occasional scarf/cowl…With a yummy yarn!

  54. marla

    i am working on ornaments and shawls for gifts… also pot holders and dishcloths

  55. nadine

    Wishing you a fabulous birthday dear scorpio!!!Perfect time of year for a knitted gift;D xo Nadine

  56. Julee

    I will be making wash cloths and potholders for gifts this year along with some hats, and headbands. They will probably all be made using my own designs.

  57. Alisha S.

    I am making my husband my first ever knitted sweater. I hope it will be done for Christmas, if not, his birthday is in January. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  58. Stephanie

    I’m working on holiday decor right night but as soon as I’m done I’m casting on a scarflet for my grandmother and ornaments for my gift baskets!!

  59. Stacey C.

    I’m planning on making mini stockings and putting chapstick or other small goodies inside.

  60. Cindy Lamber

    I will be making almost everything. I like to give handmade gifts. Later today I hope to make a couple little stockings πŸ™‚

  61. Pam Amsdil

    I am making slipper boots for all of my grandchildren. I make something for all of them every year for pictures. One year beards, next hats and this slippers.

  62. Joanne

    I’m making a slew of washcloths to go with handmade soap purchased from the Farmers Market.

  63. Lori Grondin

    Happy Happy Birthday!!! Let’s see, I am working on a diaper cover to go with the Mrs.Claus dress I crocheted in 6 months size, I have to get an Anna shawl done by Friday, I am working on a duster sweater for my 11 yr old (almost finished) and I have to make some boot cuffs……..then I can start on Christmas presents…….and teach my 11 yr old (I am homeschooling her) plus all the Santa events that we are part of . My husband is Santa this time of year, I am Mrs.Claus, and my girls will be Anna and Elsa this year…….January will be a wonderful month for some serious down time LOL

  64. HeatherN.

    I am planning on making crochet purses, scarves, hats and slippers. We’ll have to see how many of those things I can actually get done LOL

  65. Jessica McCarthy

    Always try to make my mom a little something for christmas. Just seems to mean more when it’s something made by your own hands πŸ™‚

  66. Deane Posch

    I would love to win, so many things to knit I would be writing all day….

  67. Michele miller

    Yes! I am currently making hats, ear Warmer’s and slippers for Xmas gifts!

  68. Joyce

    Happy Birthday!!! I am making little Holiday Aprons for my 4 Beautiful Grandbabies for Christmas. Thank you!

  69. Carol

    Scarves for my daughters, daughter-in-law and oldest granddaughter. Hats for the fellas. Happy Birthday!

  70. Rebecca Lyons

    I hope to get a scarf and stocking done for my sister visiting from out of town.

  71. Mary

    i would love this because I have just started crochet and I’m addicted!!! I’m making all my friends hats and scarves and suddenly I’ve found I have lots of friends!!!!

  72. Linda Walsh

    I am making a doll dress for the girl that I babysit for, and two hats for her brothers. These kids are great!

  73. Sherry

    happy Birthday!!! I’m working on knitting socks and a vest, weaving a scarf, and crocheting a couple of toys.

  74. Mallory Steffke

    I am working on a three-in-one cowl/shawl. I am loving how it is working up! I cannot wait to see the recipient’s face when she gets this as a gift!

  75. Lauralee

    I plan to make a pair of ballet slippers for one of my daughters. An urban jungle slouchy for my mom, and maybe a cowl and pair of crocodile stitch slippers.
    Happiest of birthdays to you!

  76. Beverley

    I love to knit Iam the leader of a prayer shawl ministries and we give them to hospitals and nursing homes . I am making socks and mitts for Christmas Thank you

  77. Bruce Glassford

    Working on an entrelac infinity scarf in the yarn category, will be working on mugs and bread dipping plates in clay. Have already finished pendants for jewelry. I have too many hobbies.

  78. Becky

    Want to make my daughter a hooded scarf. She down not have s hat or scarf. Work part time so can’t afford to buy Xmas presents so trying to make her stuff. Thank you.

  79. Tonya Froemel

    I am making hats and scarves for my three daughters and dishcloths for my friends. I just finished a round ripple tree skirt that was a gift for ME since I never keep anything I make.

  80. Jennifer R.

    I knit scarves, cowls, shawls, hats, mittens, etc for as many family members and friends as possible before Christmas….every single year!!! Always in need of more yarn πŸ™‚

  81. malu

    I am planning to make a couple of beanies, a scarf and some head bands for this season. thank you.

  82. Rebekah Will

    I have already made a hat and infinity scarf and am making some small gifts too.

  83. Mary

    Yarn yarn yarn!.. I love your work its always .. fairly simple but interesting enough to keep working on it. And the yarns are just pretty pretty colors!

  84. Jill P.

    20 years ago, my Aunt started crocheting a blanket that she never finished. As a surprise I am finishing it for her.
    Shhhh! πŸ™‚

  85. Kathy Moragne

    i am busy making hats and scarves as well as prayer shawls. Love to work with yarn!

  86. Lashon Monroe

    I’m planning on making matching hat, cowl and wrist warmer set’s.

  87. Lisa

    I’m working on a new Christmas tree skirt, socks for my daughter and a scarf for hubby!

  88. Linda Dudley

    I am cleaning out my “stash” and making hats and scarves to be donated to charity. This should take from now until next Christmas…..LOL!!! I’m also making tulle scrubbers, known locally as “Scrubby Dudleys”. They come with the following insert – FOR YOUR POTS, FOR YOUR PANS, FOR YOUR FACE, FOR YOUR HANDS, FOR YOUR SINK, FOR YOUR TUB, FOR ANYTHING YOU NEED TO SCRUB!

  89. Jeannine

    I am working on stuffed animals for the grandchildren this year. Each one gets something unique to them that they like.

  90. Claudia Hopkins

    I’m already knitting a headband, then a hat and scarf. If times allows, I’ll also knit some slippers.

  91. Mary Edmondson

    I am making scarves and afghans! My sisters and nieces are all getting scarves. My parents are getting the afghan.

  92. Frances Hooper

    I am going to make doll clothes for doll my granddaughter for the doll she asked Santa to bring for Christmas. I am also crocheting a couple of characters for my grandson from a game he plays online.

  93. Susan Mankoski

    i am knitting pull-over sweaters for my two sons (26 & 31). It is a big job but I am almost finished. I drive a taxi cab and knit between fares!

  94. Melany Van Every

    I’ve already made a couple of scarves, and now I’m working on dishcloths.

  95. Emily

    I’ve already finished a shawl for my grandmother, and 1 scarf for my sister. I have at least 3-4 more scarves planned, just need the yarn to make them.

  96. Heather Mano

    i am crocheting 2 my little pony dolls for two very precious girls. i dont have the pattern handy because im at work trying to win yarn heheeh!

  97. Penny

    Happy birthday! I would knit a tea cosy for my husband as in 24 years of marriage he has not had one, also he never gets things knotted for him!

  98. Stephanie Lehman

    I’ve made some scarves and an afghan. I’m currently working on afghan number two. πŸ™‚

  99. James Martin

    I have made 3 shawls, 5 candy cane covers, 3 felted bowls, 8 miniature doliys ( to frame) and started a scarf today!

  100. Alice Knott

    I’ve been working on a jumper for my sister as a Christmas gift! It’s in a beautiful orangey- brown self striping wool which makes me think of autumn. It’s just starting to look like a jumper and I couldn’t be happier!! πŸ™‚

  101. Janice A. Knox

    I’m working on a throw and pillow for my daughter’s boyfriend.

    • angie

      HAPPY B’DAY! Hoping to make scarf, hat & dishclothes for gifts this year.

  102. Sue Mills

    Happy Birthday!
    I just finished your Ying Yan scarf in Sheep-ish – couldn’t find Denim-y – and just couldn’t wait. Loved the way it knitted up, and although not as dramatic a contrast as Denim-y – still awesome. Super gift for a girlfriend. Next up – socks!

  103. Lucinda

    I am making a bear with clothes from a fabulous free pattern at, it is so cute

  104. Kelly B

    My kiddos and I are in need of scarves. It is already only 10 degrees outside here in Indiana at 12:30PM. My need to make some mittens too!!

  105. Mary

    Hats for everyone, with a vest for my nephew and a sweater for my niece if time allows.

  106. carol

    I plan to knit a hat for each of my 8 grandchildren to keep their heads warm this winter.

  107. April

    I’m working on a hooded scarf with ears. It was a special request from my 22 year old niece, lol. It’s so cute I might make one for myself as well.

  108. Marci

    Planning on making Scarves and Mittens for everyone as stocking stuffers! It is going to be a cold winter here in Canada!

  109. Sandi Schultz

    This year I’m working on some winter hats for family and friends, as well as some small stuffed animals. I might knit up a few dishcloths to have on hand “just in case” as well. Thanks for the give-away!! =)

  110. Sandra Hazeltine

    I’m working on yoga socks for my surrogate nieces and their Mum for Christmas gifts.

  111. Michelle

    I’m making Hogwarts house scarves, made a few stuffed toys, dishrags, and cowls.

  112. angie

    HAPPY B’DAY! Hoping to make scarf, hat & dishclothes for gifts this year.

  113. Niki

    I want to make a throw pillow or gloves to match a snow owl hat I made for my niece (who loves owls). Trying to decide which…

  114. Rose Garrod

    I have already made an infinity scarf for my mother and my daughter. I plan on making mittens for my husband and some special toys for my new grandson…good grief I better get knitting lol. I hope I win!!

  115. Kelly

    Happy Birthday, Vickie! I have plans to try to complete a scarf but I am just learning to knit and am concerned I won’t finish it in time. I am going to make a little tutu for a special little lady, and I will handmake some cards to send for holiday greetings.

  116. Chelsea

    I will be making a Captain America’s shield baby blanket for my nephew. His daddy is a huge fan and I’m sure my nephew will be!

  117. Andrea

    I am in the process of making (crocheting) bar soap holders. I will be making handmade soap to put in the holders πŸ™‚

  118. Louisette Caron

    This year I’m making boot slippers, scarf, infinity scarf, One Death Star from Star Wars for my grand-son, some Annas and Elsas for my other grand-kids, and it goes on, and on, and on. Love making all kinds of things.

  119. Emily M

    I’ll be making some little crochet lovebird ornaments for my newly married cousin πŸ™‚

  120. Kandee Petersen

    I am making all my grandchildren a hat in their school colors. And in my spare time, I make newborn hats for the Baby Place.

  121. Joanne

    what beautiful colors that sew would be fun to knit up into “hand cozies” to give as gifts to friends daughters…luv your site and all its inspirations!

  122. Annetta Johnson

    Happy Birthday! i am a novice knitter, so headbands are my main accomplishment! Making and seeing the finished project makes me happy. I love your show and always record it to review certain subjects that I can use. I’m also working on a patchwork knitted blanket, using leftover skeins of yarn in the same weight to make squares that I will eventually sew together and make a cozy blanket.

  123. Tracey Weatherly

    This year I already made some mason jar solar lights to give as gifts! They are really super cute! I just mod podged some decorative tissue paper inside the jars, cut a hole in the lid with a dremel the size of the solar panel on the cheap solar light stakes you see everywhere, and then hot glued it to the lid off the jar. I made sure to use some silicon caulk around the light to make sure they don’t leak! The transformation is seriously like magic! I also made some glitter vanity sets this year with some thrift store finds, extra fine glitter and mod podge!

  124. diane

    The ladies in my family are getting fingerless mitts. Shhhhhhh. Various patterns and yarns.

  125. katy

    I am making a baby blanket, some dish cloths, finishing my sons scarf and a new hat for myself πŸ˜‰

  126. amanda vitale

    I’m working on a blanket for my nephew. I’d also like to make some hats for all the guys.

  127. Anita Jensen

    One thing? HA!
    – Olaf & Sven Scarf
    – about 4-5 Olaf stuffies
    – 2 X Batman hats and gauntlets
    – 1 toque
    – 2 Elsa dolls
    – 2 Anna dolls
    – Christmas Wreath

    and if I get time I want to make myself something nice. lol

  128. rhonda moore

    I planning to knit my great niece a pair of ballet slippers booties:) gearing up to knit her a blanket for her first birthday.

  129. Carlee

    I’m crocheting a shawl right now, just finished a slouch hat, have a cowl and another shawl in progress, and need to cast on a sockhead hat.

  130. Susan Belongia

    Making 100 scarf’s to donate to our community center for those in need!

  131. Jennifer Doucet

    I’m making a baby blanket for a friend who wants a crocheted item for her newest grandbaby.

  132. Jan Harrison

    Something for my Mammaw, a blanket or throw bc she’s always cold lol… I’m also crocheting a ton of things for my 4 daughters, our first grandson due in April! Then slippers & a bag for my mama Nautical Knots bag by Crocheted Simplicity… Not to mention hats & scarves to donate to my daughters schools!

  133. Nikki Tiernan

    I am making a squishy throw for my husband’s grandmother. It is her first Christmas in a nursing home.

  134. JANET

    IM KNITTING MY GRANDSON A JUMPER, MUCH CHEAPER AND BETTER THan the one he can buy in the shops

  135. Eileen Williams

    Would love some yarn…I make items for our Sorority Bazaar and items for my special needs scout troop. (hat’s andmittens) Thanks

  136. amber duffey

    Although I am knitting a baby blanket for my SIL who is expecting the month after me, I’m really excited to be making my grandfather – in – law one of those family birthday charts from wood. 6 kids(Plus spouses) 15 grandkids (Plus spouses) and 10 great grandkids (with 2 on the way)!

  137. Beverly

    I love yarn and am planning on making an afghan and some scarfs for Christmas gifts. I also plan on making some afghan for the homeless. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  138. Vicki

    Working on some lap blankets to drop off at the nursing home for folks who don’t get any gifts this year.

  139. Erica Jayme

    I’m making matching stockings for my first Christmas with my boyfriend.

  140. Donna Slager

    I am knitting hats right now, and just finished a crocheted miniature tree. I plan to decorate it and keep it on the desk.

  141. Kim

    My kids and I hand-make all our gifts every year. We haven’t settled on any ideas for Christmas yet, but I’m still working on a wrap for my mil’s birthday.

  142. Jen

    I’m planning to make winter headbands for my teenage daughters! I just learned to knit this month and completed my very first project yesterday! I! Am! Hooked!

  143. Dana

    I plan on making lots of oversized chunky cowls for my nieces! πŸ™‚ Getting orders finished up so I can start. πŸ™‚

  144. Linda

    A few people on my list are getting new toques this year. Apparently the ones they received last year have “worn out”…..but they want different colours this year….hmmmmm. I think perhaps the old toques might not be thaaaaat worn out! lol Two finished so far & another on the go

  145. Judy Morris

    Just started a knit in the row below afghan. Gonna be really nice. But scarves, cowls and booties seem to be what’s for Christmas this year around here.
    Happy Birthday!

  146. Karen Stewart

    I have already made hats, gloves, scarves and boot cuffs. I still need to make a sweater and a top. I just can not seem to stop knitting and crocheting.

  147. Brandy

    I’m making most of my gifts. I’m knitting a scarf for a friend of my husband’s, I also made fleece pajama pants for my niece and nephew.

  148. Joyce Brown

    Happy Birthday and making hooded cowls,fingerless gloves,an slippers for my girls this year.thanks for the chance to win

  149. Georgia W.

    I’m working on afghans for two of my nephews baby boys. Also, a breast cancer awareness scarf for a cousin.
    Thank you !

  150. Lori McFAll

    Trying to finish an afghan for a wedding gift…the wedding was in May! πŸ™‚ I figure Christmas is close enough! Thanks for the giveaway.

  151. Alison Appenzellar

    Happy birthday, Vickie! I’ve been working on hats and baby blankets for nearby homeless shelters. A friend of mine feeds the homeless from a parking lot at a church in town, so I’m sending a bunch of stuff her way to pass along to folks as they come for their meals…

  152. Emily

    I’m making a cozy pair of cable knit sock. No pattern though, just making it up as I go along.

  153. Cindy Harrington

    I’ve already made one scarf for a Christmas present, but I’m planning on making several more along with coffee cup cozies. Thanks for the chance to win free yarn. It would definitely help at this time of year! πŸ™‚

  154. Stacey Carey

    winning this would help ease the finance burden of buying Christmas presents for 9 grandkids!

  155. Kim

    I’m making warm coats for my 4 legged babies. Found an easy pattern and working on it now πŸ™‚

  156. Angel Laffoon

    I am making stuffed giraffes for my granddaughters. Would love some free yarn!

  157. Linda Schmidt

    mini University Wisconsin sweaters (tree ornaments) for the guys, double thick mittens for the women. Wish we had little ones in the family.

  158. Jennifer

    I am making my kids slippers this year.. haven’t decided which ones just yet.. lol.. I am always late..

  159. Vicki

    Our weekly group meets in a Schlotzsky’s and this year we will give employees hats at our annual Holiday Party. I started a hat this morning.

  160. Angelina Ramirez

    I am making a few hats for my sons, an afghan for a friend’s baby, & a pony for my daughter.

  161. Teri Denault

    A big beautiful chunky cowl to keep me warm in Chicago! We are having January weather in November. -10 windchill!!!

  162. TMC

    I make slippers all year long with leftover yarn for the senior center. Would love to make matching lap blankets as gifts for each also

  163. Nancy Finn

    I have made a purse, a couple sweaters and now am working on a poncho.

  164. Grace

    Finishing up an afghan then onto a colorful sweater vest for my sister. Also a few fun knit dogs for the animal lovers.

  165. Liz

    Everyone is getting knitted hats this year for two reasons: 1) to learn/improve my knitting in the round skills and 2) it’s a great way to bust through those lone, single skeins of yarn in my stash that at the time I just couldn’t resist buying!

  166. Janet Krosschell

    Am in the middle of a man’s scarf and also an infinity cowl for a friend.

  167. amanda

    im handmaking all chirstmas preseants. like hats, scarfs, a couple babygift sets, dog sweaters, and a granny square afgahn

  168. Kristine

    I’m making a scarf for my grandmother, a scarf for my stepdad’s mother, a doll sweater for my niece’s American Girl doll, a sweater for my mom and a sweater for my sister. Woo, a lot to do.

  169. susan jarvis

    I am planning on making some fingerless mitts for a friend plus some hats for my granddaughters and 2grand nephews .

  170. Lisa Lee

    i’m working on hats, and scarves. I want to make a fair isle pillow.

  171. Ashley

    I plan on making hats, ear warmers, scarves and blankets for gifts this holiday season.

  172. Claire

    I will be making a few Ninja Turtles, a Batman, a couple of Puzzle Balls, Elsa, Pikachu, and a few purses. If I can find the time I will also be making a Loopsy Doll. Can you tell I give crocheted toys to all my nieces and nephews.

  173. sheila overturf

    I’m working on a giraffe, blankey, poncho, hat…. the list goes on&on&on! Lol, I love to crochet!

  174. Roxanne S

    I am making sweaters, hats, mittens, and toys for my grandchildren, whose parents had really bad health concerns this year. Any yarn would help! Thanks!

  175. Kim E.

    Slouchy hats for my nieces, dog sweaters for my aunt, a hat for my husband, a cowl for my daughter’s best friend, & the list goes on. Winters are long in Michigan.

  176. Kathleen A Burke

    I made cowls for my sister’s fundraiser. I am making dish cloths for my friends for Christmas. Then I want to make a pair of socks for my Christmas present to me!

  177. Linda

    I’m making the “My new shawl” with the Bernat yarn that was on your Facebook page. I’m loving the pattern and the yarn! I’ve also started a basketweave scarf for my grandson, a Minion had for the same grandson…and the list goes on. LOL

  178. Jennifer Knoll

    I’ve finished a yarnspirations sweater pattern so far. Working on a lapghan now. Soon to make some winter headbands and scarves, too!!

  179. Aneysa

    Today is also my birthday!

    I’ll be crocheting coffee cozies, cowls, hats and fingerless gloves. πŸ™‚

  180. Renee

    I’m planning on making plenty of slippers and mittens!! Hats are always a must!! I just love winter!!

  181. Tammy Fitzsimmons

    I am already in the process of knitting a necktie for my older son. He’s so tall, all the ties we find are too short. My daughter wants some fingerless mitts in camouflage yarn, and I’m still clueless about my youngest son.

  182. Mariela

    I am making crochet beards for all my family members. So we could take pictures together! I’m from NM and haven’t been home for a Christmas in 12 years, but this will be the year I will be there with my 2 kids and husband reuniting for the holidays with my Mom, Dad, brothers and they families!! Super excited!!!

  183. Brenda Rhodes

    I’m making hats, scarfs, mittens and slippers for Christmas gifting, mostly just winging it with no patterns so far, other than the football beanie I made for one grandson. This is my first Christmas I’ll be alone/alone since my husband of 39 years left me, and money is verrrrrrry low right now, so I’m using my stash to make my gifts. I feel so lucky, especially in my situation now, to be a crocheter and crafter, because it’s filling my time with a loving task, keeping me calm through all the troubles in my days, and providing me with a way to still gift to my family during this happy holiday season. Blessings to you all this holiday season!! <3 πŸ™‚

  184. Stacey

    I have big plans and limited time:) So here is my list:
    6 baskets
    3 flower puzzle balls
    4 Tmnt (turtles with a bent for ninja)
    1 lovely cactus
    And several doggie sweaters….its sooo cold! Good luck to all and thanks for giving us a chance.

  185. Kelsey Pitterle

    I will be making alot of headband/earwarmer,hats,regular scarves and infinity scarves to give as gufts, orders, and also donations to causes and hospitals and rescue mission. Love knitting and giving.

  186. milly

    I Plan to knit headbands and hats with some reflective whool for my runner’s friends πŸ™‚

  187. Amy L

    Last month I learned to crochet the crocodile stitch and made 2 triangular shawls. Even though it takes me a week to complete (#1 super fine yarn / 1300+ yards), I love crocheting them. I plan on making at least 3-4 more by Xmas to give away. I also just finished crocheting 2 baby blankets for a newborn. Crocheting is so addictive!



  189. Susan Burgoyne

    I’ve made a scarf for my husband. An alligator scarf and matching mittens for a grandson. Cowls for my daughters and a Burton Bear Cowl for a granddaughter. I’m working on a requested hat for my daughter-in-law.

  190. Lisa Nordland

    I have many crochet projects I’m working on for gifts. Last night I saw a free granny stitch shawl pattern on ravelry and started working on this last night for myself. Feeling a little guilty but loving it. Don’t know how to share the link

  191. Marianne Dicob

    I am working on 2 afghans right now. One daisy granny square and another on a crochet along. I want to make an afghan for each of my grandchildren.

  192. Joani

    I’ve already made three infinity scarfs for Christmas, but my next project is mittens for my mother-in law.

  193. Christy

    Already have a couple of shawls completed, working on another, a few scarves, an illusion scarf and a lap blanket.

  194. Anisja SalojΓ€rvi

    I am making slippers for my whole family for christmas, and a poncho from the scraps for myself.

  195. Claudia Barton

    Happy Birthday Vickie! Currently, I am creating inner peace, serenity and joy !

  196. Amy Knoblaugh

    The Question is what am I NOT making this season. I am making crochet purses, scarfs, hats ,cowls , fingerless gloves ,slippers ornaments blankets and more. Its going to be a crochet Christmas this year.

  197. Laura

    I’m planning to knit a few hats, mittens and I want to start working on a graduation lap blanket. Happy B-Day.

  198. Rachel Brown

    I’d love to make some scalloped boot cuffs. It’s cold and I love how cute they look!

  199. Brandy Jackson

    I plan on making infinity scarves and slippers to give away for the cold season!

  200. Cindy Yacko

    I have been crocheting baby hats, and sweaters and baby blankets for quite some time now. I love working with yarn, it is relaxing for me, and I enjoy seeing all these projects come together.

  201. Jess W.

    Those look like a bunch of lovely yarns! Imagine all the beautiful things you could make with them… thinking of scarves and shawls… πŸ™‚

  202. Sharon Mullin

    Happy Birthday. I’m thinking about knitting a vest for my Grandson, in addition to wrist warmers, scarfs and hats for many other relativees.

  203. Debbie Sussmann

    I love to knit and crochet, I am making gifts for grandchildren, grand dog and nieces for Christmas. Also, knitting mittens for the local church mitten tree

  204. Donna Beard

    Happy Birthday Vicki, I hope you are blessed with many wonderful surprises.
    If I will some yarn I want to knit either a French Cancan Shawl or a Burton Bear Hoodie. Thank you for your generosity and all the wonderful projects……hugs

  205. Jill Obrock

    Working on boot cuffs, ear warmers, scarves, and an afghan and rug

  206. Wenda Humphries

    Happy Birthday Vicki….such a stormy day for a birthday….but a perfect day to stay inside and knit/crochet…I’m making mitts and hats for the those who need it most….I take them to Value Village in Owen Sound…they are to be given away not sold! Sometimes I use up my odds and ends and the wonderful colorful mitts are the first to go.

  207. Susan Woodard

    I make children’s novelty hats and sell them then donate 100% to PADS – Pacific Assistance Dog Society.

  208. Helen Rittenhouse

    I need to make a bear/earflap hat for my 32 year old son. He loved my infant ones so much he requested his own!

  209. Maleta Robinson

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday! As for my Christmas makings there are cowls, scarfs, and Christmas tree ornaments!

  210. Erin V

    I’m finishing up an infinity scarf for myself in mistake rib, a pair of boot cuffs for a coworker, dish cloths for a charity donation, and plan on making an arm knit cowl and pair of bulky knit slippers (from last weekend’s Knit and Crochet Now with Brett Beara) for a work Christmas exchange. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win some free yarn!!! Thanks, Vickie!!

  211. Rachel

    Gosh, there are a lot of things I want to make… scarves, beanies, gloves, socks, etc, etc, etc. I’m currently working on a two toned scarf. That has been my long term project; I only pick it up ever now and then to work on it. I don’t even know if I’ll finish it this year! But another thing I’m going to work on for sure is a cute beanie with two pom poms on top! I made one for myself already but I’ll be making some for my sisters. πŸ™‚

  212. Kathy

    I am making a scarf, hat and fingerless mitts to go with my winter jacket. Tired of being miss matched, want to make a matching set that matches and compliments the jacket.

  213. M Galloway

    I will be making at least one pair of funky, fuzzy, purple socks for my fairy-princess loving three-year-old daughter!

  214. Crystal B.

    To be honest I’m not sure what I’m wanting to make for this Christmas yet. I have so many ideas that’s been swirling around in my head and I just haven’t narrowed it down and I have ALOT of wip’s that I’m trying to finish up lol also, but I’ve been thinking of maybe some Christmas tree ornaments as gifts, pair of new knitted socks for myself, a new hat & scarf set, for my daughter, or a prayer shawl for my momma….so many decisions lol!

  215. Ginny Sears

    planning to make my nieces & daughter the “Big Apple” cable-stitch headbands for Christmas gifts.

  216. Christine Ledford

    Just finished my 7th set of boot cuffs need about 5 more but am starting on a pair of slippers that I wanted to try… Happy Birthday!

  217. Sara Harrington

    I will be making hats for all of my kids(5), neices(4), & nephews(3). I love making them character hats and they think they are fun even if they are getting older . I am also doing a craft show in a few weeks(that I have made ALOT of hats , afghans and zipperback sweaters for)!!!!!!!

  218. Rosalyn Millar

    i am knitting Thrum Mittens for my youngest son who now lives in Northern Ontario. A blizzard hit there yesterday.

  219. Jena Marie DiPinto

    I’m making an afghan for my husband’s elderly grandmother, who just moved to an assisted-care home and is sad that she doesn’t have anything pretty in her new room.

  220. Julie

    I am giving a lot of canning goodies and a few kitchen accessories. I’d like to do some infinity scarves if I can get my act together with the time left!

  221. Peggy

    I am making baby blankets and sweaters to be given to babies at the hospital and hats and scarves all to be given to the homeless.

  222. Rosalyn Millar

    I am knitting Thrum Mittens for my youngest son who currently lives in Northern Ontario. Winter has arrived already.

  223. ashley sturm

    I have been making several things. I made a gift set for Christmas and it’s unisex. I made a Santa style hat with mittens and little booties. Here is a link for a picture…. the link is actually in the website portion. This is called 2 b crafting my mom’s and sister site for crafts they have made. She posts things I make as well. You will also find the despicable me hat I made for my son.

  224. Stacie Braford

    I’m making baby blankets (two little ones expected in the New Year), and afghans for the mamas-to-be, as well as crocheting covers for jar gifts and wine bottles!

  225. Michele Rideout

    I am making mittens for family and for kids at an elementary school. Also making a blanket for my grand-daughter,

  226. Tara Graves

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! For Christmas I have crocheted: a poncho for my niece-in-law, blankets for my 2 nieces and nephew-in-law, an owl snuggle-blanket for my 10 month old niece. That’s a start at least!

  227. Martha L

    I am making a pair of mittens and a pair of gloves as gifts. My two boys want different types. I’ve also made a entrelac scarf already that I plan on giving as a gift.

  228. Paula

    going to make a beer mitt. Need to find a crochet pattern for one. Lots of knitted ones out there…..might have to design my own πŸ˜‰

  229. Michelle Clarke

    I’m planning on making Garterlac dishclothes once I get the pattern figured out.

    Happy Birthday!

  230. Melissa Mason

    I plan on trying to make a present for each of my family members this year. With funds short this year, it’s a lot of fun to come up with unique items for everyone. Right now I’m working on an adorable bear for my little one.

  231. Elizabeth Clark

    Infinity scarf for my daughter…hats and mittens for my grandsons

  232. Maureen Denny

    With Thanksgiving next week and the thought of leftovers I want to share this pattern. These are an easy relaxing gift idea and are good for using up the yarn leftovers! I fill them with different tea bags and will make a few a little longer for gift cards! This year I will experiment with different types of closures.

  233. Ashley

    I’m hand-binding a book of pictures of my sisters and I for my parents! And hopefully I’ll find some time to knit or crossstitch some ornaments for other family members.

  234. Edna

    I’m knitting a hat, a sweater or two, and a shawl. As of this moment. Who knows what will happen in two weeks!

  235. Nan

    Happy Birthday! I am making blankets for shelter dogs and pets and scarves for the homeless here in Phoenix. I do it in the name of my family and friends and send them cards letting them know where the knitted items went.

  236. Becca Miller

    I’ve been in a knitting slump and feeling guilty I haven’t been very crafty lately so I’m starting to make a few cute hats for the kiddos in my life!

  237. Kat Hawley

    Happy birthday, Vicki!!
    I am planning on crocheting some ribbon bows, a cowl/hood and some boot cuffs.

  238. Barbie

    I am making my mom, sisters and girlfriends cowls, each a different pattern! Last year, I made shawls and started a year early!

  239. Janet

    I’m making several scarves for Christmas gifts. I’m also making two baby afghans. I am making two prayer shawls for my church’s prayer shawl ministry.

  240. Nadette

    Happy Birthday Vicki and thank you for sharing your day with us! I am making Christmas ornaments to stuff into close friends Christmas cards!!!

  241. Heather Pruim

    I’m unemployed & seeking disability, so I’ve been making Elsa, Anna hats & owl hats. I made many hats, scarves & headbands for 2 different charities. Crocheting is good medicine for me. I’m also making all my Christmas gifts.

  242. pam

    I would love to win some wool — scarves, mittens, and hats — plus a duck and blanket for the expecting daughter of a close friend.

  243. Karen Hammann

    Right now I’m working on helmet liners for the soldiers (made with Paton Classic Wool) and a scarf (Sheep-ish Femme and Hot Pink), and in the queue I have more Geo Dome hats- I’ve got four done, but need a few more for the teacher gift stash.

  244. Emily Skokna

    I’m planning to make my baby girl’s Christmas dress and shoes.

  245. pam

    Happy birthday! I am making mittens, slippers, socks, hats and scarves – plus a duck, bear and blanket for the expecting daughter of a close friend.

  246. Tabrea

    I am planning on making scarves for a few friends up north. And dishclothes.

  247. Kurt

    I hope Vicki has a wonderful birthday and many more to her.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the yarn πŸ™‚

  248. Karen

    I’m making a pair of socks and a sweater for Mister and a Christmas Stocking for (oh, this one’s a secret)

  249. Mary Jane Merren

    I would love to win a skein of yarn for my daughter who after coming home from college with all her friends gone…she took up knitting…she’s self taught and doesn’t some very cool stuff! She has so many projects going I don’t know what to tell you she would do with it…I’d like her to knit me a cover for my headphones like she did for her own…they are lasting her so long because they are protected!

  250. Rebecca Kirk

    I am making an afghan for my Mom, hats for the grandbabies, scarves for a few, and also making some sweater sets for an order for a friend. I am a busy gal! πŸ˜‰

  251. Michele M

    I’m finishing up a log cabin afghan for my niece’s wedding gift, starting a baby blanket for our new grandson and have 4 scarf/shawls for my sisters in law to finish by Christmas – made from amazing handspun mohair I bought at the WI Sheep & Wool festival. My hands are busy!

  252. Melanie Thompson

    I am so behind most will be valentine’s lol. Got scarfs, mittens, hats, and coasters on hook or needles at all times.

  253. Melissa C

    This year I am working on hats for my family plus I am making a toy for each of my nieces and my son. My son wanted minecraft things so I am making him a creeper hat, and a playset of minecraft animals and blocks.

    Thank you for the giveaway.


    abinormyl AT gmail DOT com

  254. Mary Syrenne

    I’m making everyone in my family a pair of socks to go in their Christmas Stockings.

  255. Amy

    I am making my son a hat and cowl set out of reflective yarn. I haven’t settled on a pattern yet.

  256. Sarah

    .Making fingerless gloves for the teachers and a fun pillow for my daughter room.

  257. Victoria C.

    I am making infinity scarves, Christmas sticking ornaments, and a baby blanket.

  258. Anne

    My grandkids play hockey so I’m making warm striped mittens in their team colours.

  259. Angi

    I’ve made star ornaments for my co-workers and may make coffee cozies for Christmas party favors.

  260. ellen

    I’m making several pairs of socks from Cookie A’s beautiful patterns My favorite: Monkey . I’m also making some slouch hats from a Garns pattern and some fingerless mitts, Fetching from Knitty and some others from Cascades book of 220 sportweight yarn patterns. There is also a beautiful shawl for my mother from Shibui’s gorgeous yarn.

  261. Diana Stanhope

    I am planning on making a Christmas Tree doily and some granny square trees.

  262. Carrie Clifford Bishop

    I will be making slippers, baby booties, hats and scarves for starters.

  263. Joanna D

    Happy Birthday! It’s my youngest’s “woohoo we kept him alive another year!” day too!!! He’s getting a crochet Tardis hat and his brother is getting a Dalek one for the holidays this year. And I will start them as soon as I finish a baby afghan for my sister (due yesterday

  264. Cindy

    I am making some winter hats for my sons and their friend. They love the winter.

  265. Shirley Foster

    I would love some wool as I knit for charity. I knit premature baby hats for the neonatal baby unit of our local hospital. Thankyou.

  266. Nancy Holloway

    I am making the neighbors little dog sweaters, some kids slouch hats, and a friend of mine a sweater jacket!

  267. Hong Nga Nguyen

    I’m planning on making tons of hats and scarves for all my loved ones! Only a month and some change until Christmas!

  268. Judith

    I am making Russian Matryoshka ornaments for family and friends for Christmas.

  269. Marilyn Huset

    I’m making caps, mittens, and scarves for the kids in my family, with sweaters for the littlest ones.

  270. Renate Capalby

    Happy Birthday! This years gift list is long and fun. Scarves, cowls, hats, dishcloth sets, doilies, baby & children sweaters and a shelf elf. I look forward to each project- completing them and giving.
    Oh!-newborn hats, booties and a layette for a new grt-grand-daughter due in February.

  271. A.R.Montgomery

    Currently making all sorts of holiday stuff…scarves, caps, shawls, etc. Would love an extra skein (or two!) to help me get all my projects completed.
    p.s. Happy Birthday, Vickie!!

  272. Kelly Wilson

    I am making a crocodile stitch skirt for my granddaughter and a bedspread for my daughter & son-in -law, as well as little amigurami characters for my nieces & nephews.

    I also make breast cancer scarves & donate the proceeds to charity.

  273. Beth McC

    My grandchildren have grown — not surprisingly — so they will get new caps and scarves at the very least. One of my granddaughters is 5 and she wears a darling beret type hat I crocheted for her, but now I think she’d like this one from Red Heart:… in pink and purple, not the team colors yarn. Winter hit us unusually early this year and I want her ears to be warm as she goes to kindergarten! Happy Birthday, Vickie!! My favorite designer of all time…. Also, my daughter is in a new home so she needs a new holiday decoration or two.

  274. Lisa Back

    I am making mason jar lid covers, Swiffer dust mop re-useable pads, scarfs, wash cloths.

  275. Megan White

    I’m making so many things this year! One is a pair of cozy slipper boots!

  276. Cathy

    I have made sweaters for my five dogs and husband. Currently working on a tree skirt for our Christmas tree.

  277. Susan

    I have a few of the famous green turtle hats, the famous happy yellow character hats and adult hats and mitts on hand for gifts for expected and unexpected guests

  278. Karen K

    I am experimenting in making special Christmas stockings with stripes of various yarns.

  279. Karen Billings

    One afghan, five hats, twelve snowflakes, and three scarves – all crocheted and all for my grandchildren!

  280. Lynda

    My group will continue to knit hats for chemo patients.
    I’m also doung cowla and babushkas for retired teachers.
    I teach beginners to knit at our Senior Citizens center, as well.
    Today I had a new knitter who’s 80. We managed a long-tail cast-on.
    Check our Facebook page: Norman Knitters Anonymous

  281. Martha M

    I have a stack of patterns I’m picking from for holiday presents that include; hats, scarves, shawlettes, booties and socks! I hope to get as many done as I can before the end of the year!

  282. Jillian

    I’m in the process of making two pairs of Monkey slippers for my nephews and I’m hoping to get a cowl made for my daughter for Christmas!

  283. jackie hall

    I am making hats for a little girl at church who lost her hair from medication.

  284. Linda Wadman

    Making lots of fingerless mitts this year as they seem to be in demand…last year it was cowls and neckwarmers.

  285. Jessica Harding

    I’m making Olaf hats for my nephews and hooded cowls with bear ears for my nieces. I’m going to try to fit in a few things for myself this year too because I rarely make anything for myself.

  286. Diona

    i can’t wait to make my 3 kiddos fox mittens this Christmas πŸ™‚
    What does a fox say!?

  287. Linda Schmidt

    This year I am making all my gifts. I started months ago. I only hope I can get it all done. At the moment I am working on a wrop for my young niece.

  288. kerry

    Im hoping to make some socks and hats. then eventually start the sweater/wrap that i keep thinking about but never seem to start.

  289. Julie

    Happy makeing a afgan for my daughter and some scarfs foe Xmas gifts.

  290. Bess

    I am crocheting stuffed animals to be given to shelters also making preemie hats. Would love to win.

  291. Margaret Pennington

    Happy Birthday dear,
    I am making mitred square blankets, beanies, cowls, wrist and leg warmers for a homeless charity. I will continue until I run out of time or yarn. Whichever comes first. xx

  292. Loretta J

    I’ll be making a Christmas stocking, and probably a few things that I start at the last minute. πŸ™‚

  293. Peg

    Still have more socks to make for Christmas. Daughters, their spouses and grandchildren all want socks.

  294. Stefany

    I crocheted two scarves with Bernat Roving, one for my mother and one for my gift exchange at work. I hope these gifts will be appreciated πŸ™‚

  295. Deborah

    I am making an owl bowl for my sister and also making cowls for my daughter-in-law. I plan on making my grandson a toboggan hat and my son a pair of socks. We will see if I get all this done!

  296. B

    i plan on making a crocheted turkey and pumpkin pie for thanksgiving. thinking of wristers and a hat for my daughter for Christmas. still have time to look for other ideas

  297. Barbara

    i just finished a dinosaur spike hat for my grandson and now I’m working on a cable knit purse and a crochet infinity scarf. I still have a month. I’m sure there will be more ideas I’ll have to try! Happy birthday Vickie!

  298. Lisa Kerstein

    I’m knitting a moving rib wrap and now that I’m seeing what that means, it looks beautiful. Happy Birthday Vickie. You share the day with my niece today.

  299. Pat Smith

    if I were to win I would make clothes for donated Barbie dolls that then give to needy children. And for stuffed animals which I donate also.

  300. Susan

    I am finishing a crohook infinity scarf for my daughter, a cowl for myself and a toque for my son. I am going to make a few pairs of slippers, the ones we learn to knit in grade 7, many years ago.

  301. Jessie

    I make baby b;ankets and prayer shawls to be donated to the childrens hospital here.The ladies in our community do this every year

  302. Yvonne

    I’m making some felted mitts and some slippers and some ruffled scarves if I have enough time!

  303. Wanda Spargur

    Making chunky cowls, infinity scarves, regular scarves, baby blankets and throws. Then the usual cotton dish cloths and hanging kitchen towels. With five children and twelve grandchildren , it takes time. Always made with LOVE.

  304. Andrea

    Our Girl Scout troop is knitting scarves and hats for the homeless in our area.

  305. Melissa Burke

    So far have made 2 sweaters with a matching hat for my baby girl who will be born in January. Dishcloths, hats, mittens, some blankets …. it seems like I won’t be doing anything but knitting or crocheting. My boys want me to make ornaments for their teachers. Time to prioritize.

  306. Donna

    What am I knitting for the holidays….lots of presents…..scarves,hats,mittens and even maybe a hoodie or two…winters are cold here in Prince Edward Island,Canada!

  307. rose haft

    I’m making slippers to keep my friends’ feet warm & matching fingerless gloves for their hands.

  308. Lorelei Barnett

    I would love to make more hats to give away for the holidays and I love the yarn!

  309. Lisa Eberhardt

    I’m crocheting a warm hat and beard combo for winter weather.

  310. Judy

    Making a slouchy hat and a couple of cowls – we’ll see how much I can get done. Happy Holidays.

  311. Robyn

    Happy birthday!
    My birthday is on Friday! I
    plan on making sweaters for dogs that are in rescue groups and shelters up north so they can be kept snuggly warm during the cold winter months!
    I am very new to knitting so this would be an amazing win for me!

  312. Diana Barrett

    I am crocheting a lapghan for my sister. Already made a shawl and several headbands for nieces.

  313. Knit Yeah

    Making: Hats, Scarves, X-Mas Stockings, Ear-warmer headbands, gauntlets……Let’s hope they all get done before XMas! LOL

  314. Dianne Askew

    Happy birthday, Vickie. I am making a scarf for my granddaughter and my first shrug.

  315. Leann Manus

    I’ve already knit a cowl as a gift for my boss. I’ve started a hat for another gift and have two ruffle scarves to knit after that.

  316. sharon

    Ive already made 6 scarfs, 4 hats and 1 lapgan. Iam working on a crochet dress for granddaughter, an afghan and sweater. Next on the list is 5 pairs of fingerless mitts. Ill be making myself something after Christmas when every thing is finished

  317. Melanie Gillespie

    I’m making lapghans for my parents and my mother-in-law. Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  318. Pat Imhoff

    Trying to finish up items for an upcoming craft show – I knit both baby and adult items and misc

  319. Melissa N

    I plan on making a bunch of scarves and hat to give to family, friends and to our cancer patients here were I work.

  320. melissa

    Today’s my birthday too, fellow Valentine Day-ish baby!

    Starting today, I’m going to give away hats to random people through the new year. I’m very excited.

  321. Reba Cash

    I am having twin grandson’s in March and I will be crocheting baby blankets for them!

  322. Jackie Watson

    I am crocheting cowls,scarves and gloves. Probably crochet some Christmas gift card holders, ornaments and trees. Happy birthday to you Vickie!

  323. Brandy

    I plan on making octopus everything! Hats, coffee cozies, tentacle scarf. MAKE ALL THE THINGS!

  324. Kathy Crowe

    To make lapghana for the memory care unit at work and for the new borns at the hospital here in town

  325. Deanna Ihme

    Happy Birthday!
    Making decor for Christmas tree…knitting and crochet.

  326. Robyn Binns

    Happy, happy birthday,Vickie! I’m making head/ear wraps with bulky yarn for Christmas presents this year!

  327. Carol Sorsdahl

    I will knit a shawl for my friend who just learned that her cancer has returned.

  328. Doreen Fox

    I am making the Miami Beach Shawl and the Ultra Pima Shawl and the Blue Angel Shawl as Chrismas gifts. The kits I got from Craftsy. I’m also going to be making Christmas tree ornaments for everyome at work. Approximately 40 snowflakes, hearts, bells, etc. I decorate a tree in my office and tell everyone to take one home on their last day before Christmas. I would attach a photo from last year but didn’t know how to.

  329. Celise Witherington

    Have a great birthday! For Christmas, I’m working on baby blankets, scarves, boot cuffs, headbands. Would love to try Sheep(ish). Can’t find it in my area.

  330. Jena

    I Crochet. I’m crocheting scarfs, ear warmers, pot holders, and hair accessories for Christmas gifts this year.

  331. Sandra Moore

    I plan on making throw blankets for the people in the nursing home. They enjoy it every year! Happy Birthday

  332. Heather

    I am making boot cuffs, hats & cowls.
    PS we share the same bithday & the same last name. Happy birthday from one Howell to another Howell

  333. JoAnne

    I only recently learned how to knit! It is so much more rewarding that computer games and I find it keeps me from mindless snacking as well! I am making lots of scarfs, cowls and boot cuffs! My daughter thinks I’m ready to make her boyfriend an afghan.

  334. Nelda Perkison

    I have already made several scarves and cowls. Have got 2 vests made and several thread doilies done. That is Christmas. In the past few months have crocheted baby afghans for 3 neighbors grandbabies, dresses for the only girl of this group, football helmets for the 2 boys, cocoons for all. Have made several chemo caps for a friend and a cousin taking chemo. I look for things to crochet to keep me busy.

  335. Sandi

    I’m making several sets of boot cuffs for my cousin and felted wool cat beds for my indoor cats and some of the feral cats that sleep on my porch.

  336. DeeAnna

    I’m working on socks for my best friend from high school (she is an artist and loves Van Gogh, so of course I bought a skein of Starry Night sock yarn!), a pair of fingerless mitts for my father, a sweater for my 3-year-old niece, a knitted teddy bear for my granddaughter, and a Victorian style wrap for myself, if there’s any time left. I’ve finished most of the rest of my holiday gifts already (I’ve been working on them since summer)!

  337. Cupcake

    Hello Vickie Happy Holidays. I Love you’re Yarn.
    I’ll be making a lot of things this holiday season. I’m going to make little sweater and pants for my newborn baby and hats, scarves, for everyone else. And this year i want to crochet some Christmas ornaments.

  338. Sandra Moreno

    Hello !!!! today is my birthday !!! and I want to win as a birthday present !!!! I gonna knit and crochet for ME !!! cause always I crochet for my grandsons !!! this time its for me, thank you and god bless you

  339. Mary Ann

    I plan on making at least a hat and an infinity scarf. Maybe more, maybe less.

  340. Peggy Anderson

    Crocodile stitch hats with cowls for my daughter and grand daughters.

  341. vicki lynn

    I am making scoodies for some special girls this year. Happy birthday Vickie Howell!

  342. Tiina

    I am planning on knitting a hat and a shawl for my older daughter and socks for the younger. We’ll see what I get for my hubby.

  343. Jackie

    I’m making vintage Christmas Stockings for the new members of my family.

  344. Linda B

    I have been working on some knit flowered headbands and a shawlette that is nearly done!

  345. Tanya N

    Socks!!! I have made 1 sock before (not a pair but 1 single sock). The heel intimidates me greatly – but I know I can do it!

  346. Nancy

    I am planning on knitting more hats, mittens, fingerless gloves….to give to homeless shelters for this cold winter. Have 14 sets complete now…..need more yarn.

  347. Mary Abshier

    amigurumi animals; elf hats; bath mitts and wash cloths; doll clothes

  348. Mona Cole

    Currently I have been making lots of initialed washcloths for gifts, but I need to start on a new hat or scarf/cowl for myself. I just haven’t decided on a pattern yet that I like.

  349. Kay

    I will be making more products for my baby apparel line on Etsy. Crocheted baby Uggs, scratch mittens, dresses, beanies, and anything else that inspires me this season.

  350. wanda c

    Going to be making fingerless gloves and hats. Also cutsie stuffies for grandkids.

  351. Linda

    One is a great start, then i would …”buy more yarn” .. and continue to create beanies for men, women (son’s partner’s many sisters) and the beautiful half double scarf pattern. So classy..easy (only 39 or so days left) and my gifting list would be much smaller. Or a shawl for a friend.


    My son has been asking for a balaclavas hat and that is next on my list. Along with some headbands for my nieces.

  353. Anne Rees

    I hoping to knit a baby blanket for my best friends son & girlfriend
    as they have just found out they are expecting their first baby

  354. JoAnn Jones

    I haven’t decided what yet, but we have twin girls coming. It will be something for them.

  355. KarenC

    I make all sorts of winter goodies. Scarves, fingerless mitts, hats & afghans. Not to mention the baby blankets as new arrivals are anticipated. I am fond of lace projects either crochet or knit. I am not the best knitter but I keep trying to improve. Thanks for the chance.

  356. Helene Augar

    I am knitting scarves for my mum and brother. Mum’s is the ascot chantily lace pattern from craftsy.

  357. Mary Fair

    Making fingerless gloves and market bags for teenage granddaughters!

  358. Trina Young

    I plan on making cotton bath sets as christmas presents and ruffle scarves for the girls I work with!

  359. Rhonda Carter

    Whipping up several Infinity scarves, hats, fingerless mitts, & boot cuffs- as requested by family.

  360. Catherine

    Making a scarf for my new daughter-in-law coming for the holidays from California and some very cool mittens for my very cool niece!

  361. Debra Soles

    I am making ornaments, bookmarks and my personal favorites are cute knitted teddy bears for a craft fair I will be doing Dec. 6th. For myself I’m working on making a dazzling sparkly skirt! πŸ™‚

  362. Florine Mansfield

    Happy Birthday Vicki. Have a wonderful one. I enjoy your many works. If I win the yarn, will be used to make needful items for babies and children in hospitals.

  363. Rilana Munson

    I am planning to make everyone a pair of mittens. I should get started soon, huh? Lol.

  364. Lisa S

    Happy Birthday Vickie!
    Making coffee cozies, star ornaments, and maybe your “I’m with the band” slouchy hat (for me :))

  365. Sandy Mitchell

    I am making some mini stockings. They can be used to trim the tree and as an added bonus, put a mini chocolate bar in it. Makes for a great treat.

  366. Rachel King

    I’m in the middle of making a Newsboy cap and a Falling Leaves shawl, and I want to make a scarf next. All crochet, of course!

  367. Sabrina Thompson

    Ooh, lovely choices of yarn! Well, with the acrylic I’d likely make a toy for my son, he loves his snuggley handknit toys I’ve already made him – and any of the wools I’d love to make myself a much needed hat or cowl, since I’ve knit for everyone but myself for this Christmas!

  368. Carol Womble

    first of all, Happy Birthday! I’ll be making infinity scarves this year.

  369. erica lettice

    I am making a afghan for my son (last of the 3 kids), hats to donate and a few scarves. Maybe a set of fingerless gloves in there also.

  370. Jules

    I’m working on socks for my kids. One sock down, five to go… I also plan to knit mitts for their teachers. Hope I can get it all done!

    Hope your bday is a good one!

  371. Shannon

    I have made 7 cowl from your pattern in Knit Simple magazine for Christmas presents. I love your patterns and projects. Inspirational!!!!

  372. Carol

    Happy birthday, Vickie! I recently finished an infinity scarf for a friend
    and am knitting a “just because” scarf for my daughter using an easy and old
    pattern using the faggott stitch.

  373. Theresa Aldridge

    I am finishing up an afghan. My grandson has put in a request for gloves or mittens, making angels.

  374. Theodosia

    For Christmas I am making slippers, hats, and maybe some little critters.

  375. Kathy Harvey

    I will be making hats for charity and several gifts. I also sew and plan aprons(mom and daughter) and booties for the adult kids lol

  376. Cindy Gardner

    I am making lots of hand made items this year! Fingerless gloves, hats, headwraps, afghans, scarves… Whew! Will I ever get done in time!!!

  377. Elizabeth

    In my boyfriend’s family, stocking stuffers are a big deal! So my crazy plan is to knit all of them little customized mittens to put a candy/something else that is small into every year to go along with all of their stockings. πŸ™‚

  378. LiliR

    Moi, je tricotte en franΓ§ais. Plus de projets que de jours dans l’annΓ©e. Jamais trop de pelottrs de laine.

  379. Sabrina Rainey

    I love the look of all yarn that your giving away! I have been working on spinning my own alpaca yarn, and will be making some hats and scarfs with it for my family this year for Christmas. I love to spin my own yarn, but I also like some of the store bought yarns to!!

  380. Donna Gibson

    I’m working on cowls for 2 of my daughters, a sweater for the other one, a Katniss shawl, mitts and hat for a co-worker. You can never have too many projects or too much yarn πŸ˜‰

  381. Susan Ipavec

    Happy birthday Vickie!
    I’m busy making a pair of fingerless mittens (pattern: Chevron Lace Fingerless Mittens from Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders), some baby hats and booties, a pair of Cleveland Browns-inspired convertible mittens, and a baby blanket for my cousin’s new baby, expected any time now.

  382. Kathleen

    At present, it is the season of the cowl! I have one started and have two waiting to be started. I also have a shawl OTN. It is so nice to curl up and knit or crochet a few rows (and then a few more and a few more and . . .)

  383. Monika

    For Christmas we do a secret santa each year and the person I pick I usually make a set with a hat, scarf and fingerless gloves and I make all the kiddos a cute hat too.

  384. Cecilia

    I am currently doing a cowl, and encouraging my 12 year-old girl to do together scarf for some family presents!

  385. Judy Smith

    I am finishing up an c2c afghan, plan to do another, several hats, scarves, mittens and fingerless gloves as gifts for my grandchildren and co workers

  386. Rebekah Borgert

    I plan on trying my hand at a scoodie….they are too cute not to try πŸ˜€

  387. Karen Epps

    Just sent a boxful off to daughter and granddaughters and now onto a scarf, 2 more pairs of slipper boots and a sweater then have a list as long as my arm of wanttos πŸ™‚

  388. Jackie

    I’m working on an knitting afghan for my mother-in-law, just finished a scarf for my sis’, I’m going to make part of the “World’s Biggest Stocking”, maybe crochet a couple of “cup cozies” and cross-stitch some special gift tags for my Christmas present wrapping. I’d like to make the hat in Knit Simple but I still need to work on my color work and circular needles… πŸ™‚ I got a lot more ideas from the posts here…so many projects, so little time!
    Thanks for sharing by having a Giveaway!

  389. Laura Vermillion

    Working on a lot of stuff this holiday season. Just finished a blanket for my niece and 2 others for friends. Going to be working on some Santa hats then a Baby blanket, beanie and, booties. πŸ™‚

  390. Amy Letson

    Working on socks, shawls, mittens, and possibly an afghan this season..

  391. Angela Miller

    I am making matching mittens and ear warmers for the girls in the family. There are 12 girls all together <3 Happiest of birthdays to you as well!