5 Ways to Knit & Crochet the Blues Away

5 WAYS Knitting & Crochet Can Chase the Blues Away
Every week I hold a live, video Q & A session on my Facebook page called, Ask Me Monday (10amPT/1pmET). Sometimes I show a technique, often I just talk, and sometimes there’s a theme. Today, I went the latter route. Although I did answer a bunch of unrelated questions, my main focus was sharing how knitting and crochet can help one get out of a funk (or at least ease it.) See above for the gist, and/or give the video a watch for more in-depth scoop.


Ask Me Monday #9: 5 Ways to Knit & Crochet the Blues Away + Q & A

Posted by Vickie Howell on Monday, September 28, 2015

Be well, stitchers!



2 Responses to “5 Ways to Knit & Crochet the Blues Away”

  1. shirley

    here in sept u crocheted a 2 tone yellow an brown hat what saturday was this so I can view it thank u

  2. Linda Kozlowski

    What a great post about how relaxing and destressing crafting can be. I hear exactly that from so many volunteers! If you’re ever looking for an easy and quick project/relaxer, we make small blankets for pets in animal shelters. It’s fun and quick. More info is at