5 Tips to Organize Your Craft Supplies

5 Tips to Organize Your Craft Room (and support global artisans!) | Ask Me Monday with @iamvickiehowell

5 Tips to Organize Your Craft Supplies

On the latest episode of my weekly, Ask Me Monday series I teamed up with a fantastic company, Globe In, that progresses fair trade for artisans worldwide. Using some of the amazing wares made by craftsmen from India, Mexico, Africa, and beyond, I gave my 5 Tips to Organize Your Craft Supplies.

Watch the rebroadcast below!

5 Tips to Organize Craft Supplies

As Seen on this Episode:

Tip #1: A wooden, lidded bowl makes a handy — and beautiful — place to keep your stitch markers, pins and yarn needles. I love this Spice Bowl made by artisans in West Bengal.

Tip #2: Wooden, lidded boxes are perfect for keeping crafty treasures, like your favorite velvet ribbons. The Upcycled Wood & Bone box would look lovely on any surface, too! 

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to display your supplies! Different sized baskets are great to create supply vignettes on your shelves, while holding things like scissors, knitting needles, buttons, roving, and more! These palm leaf baskets are woven with care by artisans in a remote village Oaxaca, Mexico.

Tip #4: Use convertible displays, like cylindrical bags. Part container, part purse bags like the Juanita Tote will keep your latest project or your chunky yarn in place, or be ready to go when you’re taking your crafts on the road! 

Tip #5: Be prepared to increase your stash! Travel with a large bag that easily folds up into a small, packable purse. That way, if (read: when) you go fabric or yarn shopping while you’re in a new city, you’ll be prepared to carry it back home with you. This Upcycled Tote will do the job + makes a great project bag for larger items like baby quilts and adult sweaters! 


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