5 Reasons to Rent & Watch: Lars & the Real Girl

5.  It’s a completely original, unique and beautiful story.
4.  It’ll make even the most jaded amongst us, believe in the power of human compassion.
3.  There’s knitwear all over the place in this movie!  My favorite is a simple, lace baby blanket that Lars wears around his neck whenever he needs comfort…which is most of the time.
2.  The writer, director and actors managed to pull off the whole “small town rallying around one cause” thing, without there being an ounce of movie-of-the-week cheesiness involved.
1.  Ryan Gosling is a knitter.

 ( If Ryan ever decides to write a knitting book, he should call it: “Lars & the Real Purl”.  Thank you and good night!)

13 Responses to “5 Reasons to Rent & Watch: Lars & the Real Girl”

  1. Deborah

    I recommend this movie as well. It is a wonderful story about love and tolerance and understanding.

  2. Manic Trout

    I also love this movie, well done and an excellent message. Too funny about “Lars & The real purl”…lmao at that one!

  3. diyod

    I had no clue he’s a knitter. That makes me like him even more!

    I really need to see that movie, but I never made it to the theater. Thanks for reminding me to add it to my must rent list.

  4. Sedie

    How nice that he’s a knitter! I loved this movie too, such a great story. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Dave Lowe

    “Lars and the real purl”

    *CRINCH* followed by the loony toons theme in my head. It might be time to write…

    Vickie Howell’s Big Book of a 1001 Knitting Jokes and Puns.

  6. meredith

    I just learned about this movie last week. It will be a definite rent … but knowing he is a knitter, well then… a most definite rent!

  7. Anonymous

    I love that you loved it too! I keep telling everyone to watch it. It was the most touching amazing story. I cried and the ladies that came to ‘sit’…”it’s what we do”. Yeah for the blog time for this one!

  8. Vickie Howell

    Dave: I’d totally write that book in a second! I can see the pitch now, though. So, ummm, the production cost would be low because you’d only need to print 1 copy…for me.