36 Winners + Craft Tweet-Up

Alright, sorry it took me so long, but here are the winners of the 36 for 36th Giveaway!
I’ll e-mail your addresses to the publisher today. With the holidays however, it may take a little longer for the books to be sent out. Thanks to everyone who entered!

1. Tammy Lewis/Invasion of the Plush Monsters
2. Lynn Slape/Pushing the Envelope
3. Kelly Genet/Knit Aid
4. Lauren Foster-Smart/Plush-O-Rama
5. Meagan Buch/Color Your Cloth
6. Brie Pampell/The New Crewel
7. Lori Koenen/AwareKnits
8. Danna Snider/Absolutely A-Line
9. Lindsey Griffith/Ready, Set, Weld!
10: Cecille Pasco/Knit Aid
11. Liz McQueen/Crocheted Wire Jewelry
12. Rebecca Parsons/Eco-Books
13. Julia Perkins/Pop Goes Crochet
14. Grace Yaskovic/Year of the Cookie
15. Susan Dodge/Retro Crafts
16. Anne Fleetwood/Artful Paper Dolls
17. Jessamine Clements/Skulls
18. Carmen Brown/A Very Beaded Christmas
19. Matthew Walworth/AwareKnits
20. Cathi Kohn/Thank You Notes
21. Sherry Coleman/Scraps
22 Amy Wolf/ Granny Squares Now
23. Rachee Fagg/The Joy of Sox
24. Therese Ross Carter/Pop Goes Crochet
25. Sascha Tripp/Eco Craft
26. Sylvia Sinclair/Natural Remodeling
27. Nicole Simmons/Creative Paper Quilts
28. Denise Layman/AwareKnits
29. Amy Durocher/AwareKnits
30. Andrea Lorenz/500 Ceramic Sculptures
31. Jennifer Rodriguez/AwareKnits
32. Kathy Caudill/Handmade Papers from Naturals
33. Jennifer Redmond/Boutique Bead and Wire Jewelry
34. Judy Stephens/Beading with Beads
35. Charlotte Packham/Crocheted Wire Jewelry
36. Vickie Selleck/The Craft & Art of Bamboo

In other news: Like Twitter? Love Crafting? Want to be a part of a holiday chat about what to make this year? Well then, join myself, Crafty Chica, Betz White, Sister Diane, Julie Jackson and Natalie Zee-Drieu for today’s CRAFT Tweet-up!

All you need to do is:

Hope to Tweet you there!


13 Responses to “36 Winners + Craft Tweet-Up”

  1. Amanda Olson

    it sure is something how i will do whatever needs to be done to enter in these contests..and i have it done within 20 minutes of finding out..and i never win!
    Well- its very dissapointing!

  2. loosgroov

    my first blog contest win ever! Can’t wait to get the book. Very cool, thank you very much, from winner #3 πŸ™‚

  3. Christine

    I love the ribbed beanie for men! I’m looking for a great gift for my fiance for Christmas, this might be the one!

    Thanks and happy holidays!