3 Completely Unrelated Topics

We got back over the weekend from taking the kids on a quick road trip to visit some family and go to Six Flags (hot, but fun–Tanner & I went on the roller coasters and my cautious little Tristan enjoyed the mellower rides with his motion-sickened step-dad), Wax Museum(creepy)/Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum (interesting in a car crash kind of way)/Mirror Maze (pretty fun except for when Tanner ran full speed into a mirror–actually, that was a wee bit funny) and the Science Museum to see the Star Wars Exhibit (really cool–included original costumes, puppets models, a hover craft kids could ride, etc.).

Waxing Poetic with the big O.
“Why yes, Oprah, knitting *does* in fact have a place in modern feminism. Thank you for pointing that out!”

During the trip I knit a felted scarf out of Vegas (which just needs some embellishing before it’s finished) as well as 1/3 of another Vegas scarf for a possible kit I’m putting together for a gig next year. I also cast-on for a purple, ribbed sock for Dave which I’m quite confident I’ll get the time to finish knitting at some point before we retire. πŸ˜‰

Now, it’s time for a musical interlude. Check out my son on drums, who taught himself part of a The White Stripes song (sorry about the crappy, dark video–apparently the electronics in my life inly have a year in them before they start to give out):

Now back to programming…

For those of you who haven’t seen the 25th Anniversary Issue of Vogue Knitting yet, I highly recommend picking it up. It’s Ms. Adina Klein’s debut issue as official Editor-in-Chief of VK and she did a fantastic job! There are some beautiful patterns, memorabilia and articles on “Knitting’s Old Guard” and “Knitting’s New Guard“. I was very honored to be included in the latter, and thought I’d post it here for you to read (warning; it’s looooooooong, so grab your coffee, first!).
I find it really interesting that the “Old Guard” is compiled of amazing designers & industry pioneers ( Kaffe fassett, Alice Starmore, Mari Lynn Patrick and Meg Swansen), who possess comprehensive knowledge about the technical, design and application aspects of knitting whereas the “New Guard” is compiled more so (not to negate anyone’s abilities) of women who contribute in perpetuating the current popularity of the craft (Debbie Stoller, Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee, Clara Parkes, Shannon Okey & myself). I suppose that speaks a bit about what drives society (and in this case, the industry) in our media generation. Regardless, I appreciate how the differences between the two groups enhance each other, rather than canceling one another out. I also think that Teva Durham and Erika Knight deserve shout-outs for their contributions to the high-fashion realm of the knit-world. Nobody does it like they do!

In funnier news, all this time I thought that Clara Parkes was this wee, bespectacled, gray-haired woman in her 50’s or 60’s. I didn’t know until I saw her picture in this article that, for the past couple of years, at every TNNA & Knit Out, I’ve been waving and smiling at a woman who I *thought* was Clara, but clearly is not. Comedy. I need to drop her an e-mail and explain that *if* I ever didn’t greet the real her with open arms, it was totally my mistake and not a shun. I’m so lame sometimes.

Ok, I can no longer avoid the gym. I’m off–the Freshman 15 I’m carry around (I call it that because I’m still in the freshman stage of marriage that includes a lot of going out to nice dinners and drinking wine), isn’t going to lose itself!


4 Responses to “3 Completely Unrelated Topics”

  1. BeccaGirl

    I love what you said about the old vs. the new and how they work together for the good of the craft! It’s true, there is such a stigma attached to knitting, I personally even feel it to some degree. I only started knitting a couple of years ago. A friend taught me. We both began with scarves. She only uses the knit stitch, throws, and only with circular needles. Besides scarves, she makes hats in the most basic of ways. I watch Knitty Gritty and have learned purling, cables, yarn overs and so on and so on. I prefer straight needles and knit continental style. But so far, I’ve only made scarves too! Well, one time I did make a long wrap out of gray chenille, but it was more of an accident when the scarf ended up far too wide…but that’s another comment πŸ™‚
    My point is…I haven’t found much else that fits my style that I can make. I honestly don’t even wear socks…or hats much for that matter. And I’m a BIG girl, so nice big sweaters and other clothing doesn’t appeal to me in my ever-so-hot state. So what else is there? Cozies (which in my opinion, feeds the stigma of ‘uncool’) or ???
    I love the show and will continue to watch. Remember the skirt with the dropped stitches to make the lacy flair? I used that idea to start a scarf for my mom, and it’s looking great so far!
    Thanks for all you do, Vicky!

  2. Dave Lowe

    I had to take a break from rolling D&D dice and ask…

    Is the “hover craft” you mentioned an actual “hover craft”? Please not be a typical nickname a MOM might give the LAND SPEEDER, the classic vehicle from Star Wars.

    I ask only because it took awhile for you to figure out the sound a LIGHT SABER makes…that’s geek stuff 101.

  3. Vickie Howell


    First off, I KNOW what a light saber sounds like, I’m just not great with impressions.

    Secondly, remember, you’re not the only “Fan-Boy Dave” in my life. Have I ever told you that he has a couple of Star Wars related tattoos. I kid you not.
    Anyway, while they did have Luke’s original landspeeder from Episode IV on exhibit, the hover craft the kids could ride on was basically just an air powered chair. I wish I knew how to post pictures on comments–I’ll e-mail one to you.

    Beccagirl–Glad you’re enjoying the show. Oh and I much prefer knitted accessories to garments (just for myself), too. I don’t agree though about the cozie thing. While it’s arguable whether or not anyone really *needs* to cover every inanimate object in their house with something knitted, for those of us who enjoy infusing a sense of humor into our knitting, cozies fit the bill. πŸ™‚


  4. g3doherty

    Is it just me or is Oprah’s head unusually small? Weird.

    On a bummer note I was at a LYS in Maple Grove, MN (Amazing Threads)looking for your goods, no luck. They have your books! They have some SWTC fibers, but dangnabit, no yarn!

    Accessories rock! Big ol’ garmets require way more time than my children/husband can stand for me to ignore them! hehehe

    Oh – watching someone walk into a screen door – almost as funny! Especially when it’s your MIL after a few cocktails! good times