12 Days of YarnYAY! Starts Today!

12 Days of YarnYAY! Day 1

Virtual Advent 12 Days of YarnYAY!

12 Days of YarnYAY!

It’s my birthday, and I love giving things away, so we’re doing a few fun things this year!

First up, today is the launch of our virtual advent countdown, 12 Days of YarnYAY! Every day for the next 11 days we’ll review something new – kits, projects, products, deals, and more – so be sure to check your inboxes!

Next, everyone who shops with us during the 12 Days of YarnYAY!, including today, will be automatically entered to win $600 worth of fiber-related YarnYAY! and friends’ products!


12 Days of YArnYAY! Giveaway


Last, but not least, for today only, we’re offering DOUBLE Rewards points on all existing items already in the YarnYAY! Shop.


Not signed up for rewards? Just create an account by clicking here.

Happy 12 Days of YarnYAY!


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One Response to “12 Days of YarnYAY! Starts Today!”

  1. Ellen Lundgren

    I am knitting the second cable, convertible (top) mitten, from box #22. I am having the same problem as on the first mitten. Starting the thumb gusset at row 10. and knitting the rest of the pattern. It looks like I posted around March 2020.