YarnYAY! October Box #66

YarnYAY! by Vickie Howell Monthly Box for Knitters & Crocheters

YarnYAY! October Box #66

Oh, October, how I love you. The YarnYAY! October Box #66 is a direct expression of that! Including cozy (and sustainable) yarn in autumnal shades, perfect-for-gifting two wrist warmer patterns, kitty cat stitch markers, and a pumpkin needle felting kit this subscription box for knitters and crocheters will have you FALLing for autumn stitching … and dare we say, YarnYAY! Here’s what’s inside.

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The Fiber Co &Make Aran , featured in YarnYAY! October Box #66

&Make Aran | The FIber Co
This month’s featured yarn is a perfect blend of Faire Trade Highland wool and alpaca twisted into a delightful 2-ply yarn. It’s a joy to work with, shows great stitch definition and our chosen shades of Spill the Tea and Mon Ami exude fall vibes!

YarnYAY! October Box #66, featuring textured wrist warmer patterns

Textured Wristers Patterns | Designs by Vickie Howell & Gavriella Tremino
As the weather gets crisper our handwear gets cuter, we love these textured wrist warmers!

Harvester knit wrist warmer pattern by Vickie Howell for YarnYAY! October Box #66

Harvester Knit Wrist Warmers by Vickie Howell

The knit versions, Harvester (by Vickie) are worked in a combination of twisted rib and half-linen stitch. They begin and end in the round, with the thumb opening portion worked back and forth.

Forester Crochet Wrist Warmers by Gavriella Tremino for YarnYAY! October Box #66

Forager Crochet Wrist Warmers by Gavriella Tremino

The crochet versions, Forager (by Gavriella) are made in linen stitch with an eyelet detailing. They’re crocheted flat, then seamed up, leaving an opening for the thumb.

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Cat Stitch Markers, featured in YarnYAY! October Box #66

Cat Clips | Twice Sheared Sheep
These simple stitch markers are the cat’s meow! Slide these kitties onto your needles like an ordinary stitch marker, or clip them onto a stitch anywhere on your work. As far as handy tools go, they’re purrrfect. (You’re welcome.)

Felted Sky Needle Felted Pumpkin Kit, featured in YarnYAY! October Box #66

Pumpkin Needle Felting Kit | Felted Sky Studio
This beginner’s needle felting kit produces the cutest, little pumpkin — a perfect addition to your autumnal decor. You’re sure to
Fall in love (har, har, har) with this fiber craft that expands past the passion for knit and crochet. Have fun, pumpkin!

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YarnYAY! by Vickie Howell