YarnYAY! December Box #56

YarnYAY! December Holiday Box by Vickie Howell

YarnYAY! December Box #56

It’s time for the reveal of the final YarnYAY! box of 2022, our December, Holiday Edition! Here’s what’s inside.


Vickie Howell Montoya Merino, color: Feliz. Exclusively at

Vickie Howell Montoya Merino, in December Box exclusive color: Feliz

Montoya Merino | Vickie Howell
As a special treat this month our usually-solid Montoya Merino gets a splash of speckles across a festive red and lovely grey background. The shade Feliz means “happy” in Spanish. We hope it puts a smile on your face! 

Ribboning Knit Beanie, featured in the December YarnYAY! Box

Ribboning Knit Beanie

Beanies & Headband Patterns | Designs by Vickie Howell & Toni Lipsey
Beanies are some of our favorite gifts to make, and this month we’re focused on staple ribbed versions. The knit hat is worked in a twisted spiral rib.

Ribbing Crochet Beanie, by Vickie Howell

Ribbing Crochet Beanie

The crochet beanie is worked in a slip-stitch rib that looks deceptively like it’s knit. Both hats are designed by Vickie.

Head Over Holidays (Tunisian Crochet) Headband, by Toni Lipsey

Head Over Holidays (Tunisian Crochet) Headband, by Toni Lipsey

This is Toni Lipsey‘s last month as our Designer in Residence. She’s known for her Tunisian crochet designs so as a holiday bonus she designed an ear warmer in the craft. We love it and have loved working with Toni!

YarnYAY! x DellaQ Custom Gold Maker's Sack

Gold Maker’s Sack | DellaQ x Yarnyay!
We love Maker’s Sacks as small project bags! This month, to add a little sparkle to your stitching experience, we teamed up DellaQ to make an exclusive gold version just for you!

DellaQ is owned by Laura Zander, and based in Reno, NV. Learn more at

Mike & Jen's Cocoa, featured in the YarnYAY! December Box

Hot Cocoa Pack | Mike & Jen’s
As you cuddle up with your knitting or crochet, enjoy a warm cup of cocoa! Mike & Jen’s recipe is made from just 5 simple ingredients and made in the hot cocoa capital of the world!

Mike & Jen’s is a woman-owned business, based in Duluth, MN. 

Learn more at