When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings…

Heya! Here are a few of my favorite things…just because.

Read It
Former staffers, including editor-in-cheif Angela Matusik of the dearly departed Budget Living Magazine have recently proven that their love of affordable home decor goodness, isn’t only print deep. Enter Shelteriffic, a blog formatted resource for the haute homebody in all of us. Check with them often for cool finds, reviews and ideas for that place where you dwell. All it takes is four walls and a roof to make a shelter but if you want shelter-iffic, you’re gonna need to read this blog!

Get It

Well, Debbie Stoller’s done it again. She’s BUSTed into another crafty genre with a a book that’s as functional as it is fabulous and funky. HAPPY HOOKER pairs Deb’s cleverly written and comprehensive instruction with a collection of contributed designs that will have you fiending for crochet!–My favorites are Faith Landsman’s flower-y doormat, Angela Best’s lacey bolero, Jen Neitzel & Kim State’s openweave shrugs, Camilla Engman’s adorable anime-looking toys, and Tricia Royal’s corset belt. This book is a must have for both the novice and advanced crocheter alike. Hop on over the Bust Boobtique for the hook-up.

Listen to It
I was recently at a SXSW show at an art gallery here in Austin and was blown away by one of the bands performing. WOLFMOTHER, a relatively new group out of Australia, wails like the most legendary of 70’s rockers must’ve back in the day. Seriously, my friends and I commented that we had just stood 10 feet away from the next huge, band phenomena. Give ’em a listen. Even if Hendrix/Morrison/Page/Plant aren’t your thing, you’re sure to appreciate this talented trio’s fierce, musical presence. For more info on Wolfmother go to their official website or download their EP off of I-tunes (or wherever).

Carry It

People are often kind enough to send me some of the cool things that they make and/or sell. I’m always super appreciative of these gifts, but rarely do I squeal in delight upon viewing a parcel’s contents as I did when I received this “Lady B” tote along with 3 coordinating zippy bags from Lexie Barnes. Holy moly, do these bags rock! I love the bowling bag shape, I’m a sucker for the kitschy vintage inspired fabric (big suprise, I know) and am impressed with how well thought out the interior pockets are. If you’re in the market for a little giftie for yourself or a knitter you love, a Barnes Bag is the way to go. For her full collection check out her website. Psst…Calling all mamas, she also makes diaper bags!