What’s the big Ikea?

I’m running out of the house to make it to the Librarian Convention in San Antonio for a 3pm book signing. If on the off chance any of you will be there, please stop by the Sterling booth to say “hello”. As always, it’d be great to see a friendly face.

I made the 3 hour trek to Houston yesterday for a day of power shopping with Nils, my partner in crime. We spent 4 1/2 HOURS in that giant vortex of time suckage, in a fugue state created by an overabundance of brightly colored trinkets and $2 pillows. Finally, as the store was about to close, we located at least 50% of our desired purchases (listed on a somewhat useless, pencil scrawled form) in what I’ve deemed as “the aisles of doom and discontent” and loaded up not 1, not 2, but FOUR carts of miscellaneous “must haves”. As you can see by the above artfully taken camera-phone shots, we took our Ikea experience very seriously. All of the crap that you see from front to back of frame, went home with us. In total, between us, we bought:
3 beds (well technically 4 since one was a bunk bed), 5 wire drawer systems, a book shelf, a locker, bedding, shower curtain, a kid’s table and chairs, frames, boxes, coasters, mirrors, a poseable figure (don’t ask) and I’m sure, a bunch of other stuff that I’m completely forgetting. We loaded the truck, high-fived each other and stopped off for a congratulatory meal for a job well done. Tired, dirty and delirious, we made it home by 1am–All this for the promise of press board future of modular tomorrows. Good night, and good luck.

xo, Vickie