Weaving Sticks Place Mat

Clover VH_BLOG_BANNERIMG_6368I’ve got picnics on the brain which means both portable projects (you didn’t think that I’d have an outing without crafting involved, right?), and pleasing place settings. This week’s project plays into both of my whims: a denim-look place mat made using Clover Weaving Sticks. Enjoy! –Vickie

Clover Takumi Weaving Sticks Fine
1 Ball (approx 100 yds) of Cotton or Denim, Worsted Weight Yarn. I used this.
Clover Jumbo Tapestry Needle
Jumbo Knitting & Crochet Wonder Clip
Optional: Pointy beads, sewing needle & thread

Finished Measurements
12″ x 9″/30.5 cm x 23 cm (excluding fringe)


Weave Strips (Make 3)

  • Cut 6, approx. 44″/112 cm strands of yarn.
  • Thread piece of yarn through hole of one weaving stick until it’s folded evenly in half. Repeat for remaining five sticks.IMG_6364
  • Hold all six sticks parallel in your non-dominant hand; make a slip knot with yarn from ball and place it on the first weaving stick, then *weave over and under remaining sticks. Weave back in opposite direction. Repeat from * until piece measures 12″/30.5 cm.IMG_6365

*Note: once your sticks are “full”, slide woven yarn down onto hanging strands.

  • Slide piece off of weaving sticks so that there is an even amount of  “tail” yarn on both ends, and tie the tails of the two neighboring pieces together to keep woven loops in place. Repeat until all loops are secure on both ends of piece.



  • Lay strips side-by-side on a flat surface. Using a tapestry needle and strand of yarn, sew pieces together by coming up through 2-4 loops on one strip, then zig-zag over to the next to do the same.

Pro Tip: Use Knitting & Crochet Jumbo Wonder Clips to hold strips together while you sew!


  • Trim fringe edges.
  • Using sewing needle & thread, sew bead embellishments to placemat edges.

Repeat process for a set (or more) of place mats!

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