TV Rings in the New Year with Knitwear

Happy New Year, party peeps!  I’m still recovering from a whirlwind of holidays, family and house guests.  Just wanted to take a minute for a quick post though, to wish you a 2009 filled with the promise of hope and the actuality of change.  Peace and love to you all!

We kept it mellow here for New Years eve, watching various TV specials with the kids and counting down with a sparkling grape juice toast (pregnant ladies know how to live it up, eh?)
It was exceptionally cold in New York where most NYE programming seemed to be shot, which is good news for the stitch geeks among us.  Why, you ask?  Well my friends, because cold weather = lots o’ knitwear!  I entertained myself much of the evening by spotting yarn-gear worn by hosts and other TV personalities.  Oh, and because of the aforementioned geekage, I took a few pictures of said be-knitted (and be-crocheted) persons.

CNN’s Erica Hill, wearing a knit beanie and fringed scarf.

CNN’s Don Lemon wearing a crocheted Trojan-style hat.  They made him take it off though before I could get a profile shot of the yarn-hawk.  Blast!  CNN producers, why you gotta be crochet haters?

One of the interviewees on PBS’s New York Philharmonic special wore what appeared to be a crochet & gemstone necklace.