Trendspotting: Aztec-Style Prints

One of the boldest trends over the past year or so is that of angular, Aztec-inspired prints. From home decor to jewelry and swimwear, you’d be hard-pressed not to spot the Southwestern flair that graces the aisles of even the most mainstream of retailers.

Here are some of the inspiration images featuring this trend — you can see the ever-growing collection on my “Azteca” Pinterest board.

Us knitters can jump on the trend now too, by whipping up one of the quickie projects designed by myself and the Bernat team!

Southwestern Comfort Pillow, by Vickie Howell

The Southwestern Comfort pillow is worked in chunky yarn and in black, neutral & pop colors to emphasize the modern appeal of a graphic that traditionally evokes ancient times. Get the supplies here.


Aztec Cowl, by Bernat Design Team
The Aztec Cowl is timeless in its design. The cream background and subtle, multi-colored print is so chic that this accessory will be wearable long after the ethnic print trend has passed. Get the supplies here and here.
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Pinterest: iamvickiehowell