I leave for TNNA in Indiana tomorrow. If you happen to be going, stop by the Sterling booth. I have a signing there on Saturday at 1pm for Not Another Teen Knitting Book. Fellow ACMer Jenny Hart from Sublime Stitching will also have a booth there, so make sure to check it out as well!
I get to see a bunch of friends while I’m there including Lori Steinberg (who designed the pirate set for New Knits on the Block and the fingerless gloves for the teen book), Karen Baumer (who designed a couple of things for all 3 books and has been a guest on Knitty Gritty a few times–remember the furry-cuff mitten and sock episodes?) and Adina Klein (Editor of Knit.1). So, as far as conventions go, it should be good times.

In true me form, I procrastinated on getting swag ideas to the Sterling folks for the gift bags they’re putting together for a party they’re throwing at TNNA. So, I’m spending my day slapping my “Craft. Rock. Live.” stickers on 150 balls of Moda Dea and will attempt to make the same amount of guitar pick stitch holders –which I plan to eventually have on my site with “Knit. Rock. Love.” printed on them. Due to the aformentioned procrastination however, the giftbag version will only have the guitar company logo on it. Hopefully people will know what they are. I’m attaching them to the yarn labels–the way they hang off reminds me of the charms that I used to get in the late 80’s, to dangle off my hot-pink acrylic pinky nail. H-O-T! Special shout-out to Dave who spent a good portion of his evening last night at my kitchen table, drilling tiny holes in countless picks so that I can insert jump-rings into them today. Holla! 😉

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of movie/tv watching going on here today. I just finished watching November,an indie pic from 2005. I’d been meaning to watch it forever, because my former roommate, Matt Carey, from over 10 years ago plays the robber in it (When I was 22 I was a receptionist at this smaller talent agency that represented Matt. My other roommate situation had fallen through so, I rented a room from his guardian. Here I go, procrastinating again.) Anyway, we still keep in touch so basically, I suck for not seeing the movie before now.

You might also recognize him from the movie, The Banger Sisters and as the kidnapper (2 or 3 seasons ago) from “24”. He’s a great actor, an awesome person and I miss him.

The Perkins sisters and their mom are on today’s Stylelicious, so I’ll probably watch that next.

Speaking of the sisters, I saw both of them last night at Jennifer’s husband Chris’s band, Beta Valentine’s show (here’s me & jen).

It was a lot of fun and kuddos to the guitarist Joey, for playing with a broken hand!

Alrighty, back to work.