Three Rings

It’s been a circus around here. My mom’s in town from California and the kids are out of school. We spent our Memorial Day attempting to build one of those crazy, wooden play gyms. Special thanks to Dave who gave up his holiday for the good of the swingset cause! Even at The Ramones accompanied pace we were working at however, we still only managed to get about 1/3 of the way through. The kids have since been asking on the hour, when it will be finished. There are a lot of hours in a week. It’s going to be a long one.

My next K.1 article (psst…don’t forget to check out the current one featuring Lisa Loeb) will feature fashion designer, Isaac Mizrahi. Originally when I got the interview, his assistant Sam said that he would rather conduct it via e-mail. When I sent the questions over this morning however, Sam called and said that Isaac had changed his mind and would prefer chatting over the phone. This of course, was fine by me except for the fact that he was ready to get on the phone right at that moment. Now picture my face if you will, amidst the bedlam of a house that currently looks vaguely like the one on Malcom in Middle (on its worst of days), standing in my pajamas while one child spills juice all over the floor and the other runs through the house in his Ninja costume, re-enacting a scene from The Karate Kid. “Ummm, could we perhaps schedule for later in the day”, I inquired. Luckily, they agreed and Isaac and I spoke, albeit briefly, this afternoon. Disaster averted.

I just started on a men’s sweater for Catwalk Crochet. I have the world’s shortest attention span right now however, and have already set it down to work on a pair of sandals and a necklace. Projects keep coming in and I’m soooo happy with all of them. I still however need more stuff–I’m thinking of adding more bags since in my humble opinion, a girl(or in this case, a book) can never have too many of those!

Speaking of books, my friend wrote me today saying that she bought Not Another Teen Knitting Book at a yarn store yesterday. I wasn’t expecting it to be out for another couple of weeks, so that news was kinda cool. BTW, if you contributed a design to that book, I’ll get you your copy just as soon as I receive them from the publisher.

Alright, I’m off to write some more text for the new website and watch a movie with the fam.

Hope you had a happy long weekend!