After my friend Jennifer started writing love letters to her newly coiffed brows, I decided that I too would put the wax on hold in favor of Threading. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a way of tweezing hair using cotton thread–it’s basically a non-mechanical version of using an Epilady, so a bunch of one’s wee eyebrow hairs are being pulled out at the root all at once. I must say, my brows do look pretty damn good but sweet Aphrodite, goddess of beauty–man, did it hurt! Seriously, it was almost as bad as getting a tattoo. Seriously.

I forgot to add to my “Busted” list yesterday that the “contact me” form on my website wasn’t working properly. All that I was being sent were comments without the sender’s name or e-mail address. That said, if you e-mailed me and I didn’t respond, that’s why. It’s all fixed now so please re-send, especially if you were needing something. My web gal friday, blames it on all the crack she’s been smoking but I think it was just some weird technological glitch. Note: Jenny is not actually smoking crack or any other drug for that matter. She’s a mom and an upstanding citizen. Thank you.

On Saturday I went to the midwinter ALA convention for a signing. It was actually one of the best signings I’ve done so far. Those librarians really loves them the books. Who knew? 😉 When I got there, there were people already lined up–it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Below is the Sterling Publishing team, sporting some of the projects from the book. None of them seemed to mind that the stuff was all sized for the under 7-year-old set.

I’ve had a crazy productive day that started at 6am, so I’m starting to fade. Night, lovies.

(I keep trying to get this nickname to catch on, but nobody’s buying it.)

P.S. I haven’t figured out how to respond to comments individually so until I do I’ll have to do one mass response. Thanks for your patience with my suckage.