The Mothercraft: Handprint Bunny

Clover's Handprint Easter     

Here’s a quick and cute keepsake just in time for Spring. Frame it for your mantel, or photograph it for the front of this year’s Easter cards!

Light colored canvas or cotton fabric
Fabric paint
Small paint brush
Embroidery hoop, needle & thread
Contrasting scrap fabric
Computer printed message Glue  


  • Paint a thin layer over child’s palm and fingers, excluding thumb. Visible brush strokes are great, because they mimic rabbit fur.
  • Holding child’s fingers in a “V” formation (pinky & ring fingers together/middle & pointer fingers together), press painted hand firmly onto fabric. Taking care not to slide hand, carefully peel hand up and off of fabric. Let hand print dry.
  • Place fabric into embroidery hoop; use satin stitch and back stitch to embroider ear centers, nose and mouth onto handprint.
  • Iron piece flat.
  • Glue on fabric scrap “background” pieces and printed message onto blank area of piece.
  • Frame & enjoy!